admin_bar_output in core/modules/admin_bar/
Build the administration bar output.
admin_bar_preprocess_page in core/modules/admin_bar/admin_bar.module
Implements hook_preprocess_page().
admin_bar_theme_settings in core/modules/admin_bar/
Form builder function for module settings.
BackdropErrorHandlerUnitTest::testErrorHandler in core/modules/simpletest/tests/error.test
Test the error handler.
BackdropErrorHandlerUnitTest::testExceptionHandler in core/modules/simpletest/tests/error.test
Test the exception handler.
BackdropTestCase::run in core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php
Run all tests in this class.
BackdropWebTestCase::prepareEnvironment in core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php
Prepares the current environment for running the test.
BackdropWebTestCase::setUp in core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php
Sets up a Backdrop site for running functional and integration tests.
BackdropWebTestCaseCache::setUp in core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case_cache.php
Sets up a Backdrop site to be used as a cached installation profile.
backdrop_deliver_html_page in core/includes/
Packages and sends the result of a page callback to the browser as HTML.
backdrop_get_favicon in core/includes/
Gets the file location and mime type for site favicon.
backdrop_get_logo_info in core/includes/
Gets the path and dimensions of the site wide logo.
backdrop_get_user_timezone in core/includes/
Returns the time zone of the current user.
backdrop_mail_system in core/includes/
Returns an object that implements the MailSystemInterface interface.
backdrop_page_create_cache in core/includes/
Create a page cache object for a page request.
basis_preprocess_page in core/themes/basis/template.php
Prepares variables for page templates.
BlockTranslationTestCase::testTranslateCustomBlock in core/modules/block/tests/block.translation.test
Test creating custom block, translate it, and then deleting it.
block_custom_block_delete_submit in core/modules/block/
Form submission handler for block_custom_block_delete().
block_custom_block_save in core/modules/block/block.module
Saves a user-created block in a config file.
block_update_1004 in core/modules/block/block.install
Move individual blocks into config files.
book_admin_settings in core/modules/book/
Form constructor for the book settings form.
book_admin_settings_submit in core/modules/book/
Form submission handler for book_admin_settings().
book_node_type_update in core/modules/book/book.module
Implements hook_node_type_update().
book_node_view_link in core/modules/book/book.module
Adds relevant book links to the node's links.
book_update_1000 in core/modules/book/book.install
Move book settings from variables to config.
book_update_1001 in core/modules/book/book.install
Add options for navigation and links.
book_update_1002 in core/modules/book/book.install
Add option for reorder link.
BootstrapDestinationTestCase::testDestination in core/modules/simpletest/tests/bootstrap.test
Tests that $_GET/$_REQUEST['destination'] only contain internal URLs.
BootstrapWatchdogTestCase::testWatchdogLogging in core/modules/simpletest/tests/bootstrap.test
callback_search_conditions in core/modules/search/search.api.php
Provide search query conditions.
ckeditor5_update_1000 in core/modules/ckeditor5/ckeditor5.install
Updates the editor settings key from "cketoolbar" to just "toolbar".
ColorTestCase::testUpdateCssFilesOnConfigSave in core/modules/color/tests/color.test
Test if the CSS files for a theme are updated when editing Configuration.
color_rebuild_settings in core/modules/color/color.module
Rebuild color scheme info.
color_update_1000 in core/modules/color/color.install
Convert color module settings to config files.
CommentPreviewTest::testCommentPreview in core/modules/comment/tests/comment.test
Tests comment preview.
comment_uninstall in core/modules/comment/comment.install
Implements hook_uninstall().
comment_update_1003 in core/modules/comment/comment.install
Node type comment settings should be closed instead of hidden by default.
comment_update_1005 in core/modules/comment/comment.install
Move default comment view to comment module.
comment_update_1007 in core/modules/comment/comment.install
Give access to the new 'Administer comment settings' permission as needed.
comment_update_1008 in core/modules/comment/comment.install
Replace comment_subject_field setting with comment_title_options.
CommonFormatDateTestCase::setUp in core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test
Sets up a Backdrop site for running functional and integration tests.
ConfigObjectTestCase::testConfigObject in core/modules/simpletest/tests/config_obj.test
ConfigurationTest::testExistingConfig in core/modules/config/tests/config.test
Tests reading existing config files provided by a module.
ConfigurationTest::testOverrideConfig in core/modules/config/tests/config.test
Tests that a config setting can be overridden.
ConfigurationTest::testReadWriteClearConfig in core/modules/config/tests/config.test
Tests that a config setting can be written, read and deleted.
ConfigurationUITest::testClearStagingDirectory in core/modules/config/tests/config.test
Test skipping the clearing of the staging directory after import.
ConfigurationUITest::testConfigOrderChange in core/modules/config/tests/config.test
Test comparing configs whose elements are in different order.
ConfigurationUITest::testImport in core/modules/config/tests/config.test
Tests importing configuration.
config_clear in core/includes/
A shortcut function to delete a single value from a config file.
config_export_single_form_update_export in core/modules/config/
AJAX submit handler for config_export_single_form().
config_get in core/includes/
A shortcut function to load and retrieve a single value from a config file.
config_get_translated in core/includes/
A shortcut function to load and retrieve a single translated value from a config file.
config_install_default_config in core/includes/
Moves the default config supplied by a project to the live config directory.
config_is_overridden in core/includes/
A shortcut function to check if a value is overridden within a config file.
config_set in core/includes/
A shortcut function to set and save a single value in a config file.
config_set_multiple in core/includes/
A shortcut function to set and save multiple values in a config file.
config_sync_file in core/modules/config/
Save an individual configuration.
config_sync_validate_file in core/modules/config/
Validate an individual configuration to ensure it's safe to import.
config_test_hooks_config_create in core/modules/config/tests/config_test_hooks/config_test_hooks.module
Implements hook_config_create().
config_uninstall_config in core/includes/
Uninstall all the configuration provided by a project.
ContactPersonalTestCase::testPersonalContactFlood in core/modules/contact/tests/contact.test
Tests the personal contact form flood protection.
ContactSitewideTestCase::testSiteWideContact in core/modules/contact/tests/contact.test
Tests configuration options and the site-wide contact form.
contact_category_delete_form_submit in core/modules/contact/
Form submission handler for contact_category_delete_form().
contact_category_edit_form_submit in core/modules/contact/
Form submission handler for contact_category_edit_form().
contact_category_list_submit in core/modules/contact/
Form submission handler for contact_category_list().
contact_config_data in core/modules/contact/contact.module
Loads an array of all contact categories.
contact_form_user_admin_settings_alter in core/modules/contact/contact.module
Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter().
contact_form_user_profile_form_alter in core/modules/contact/contact.module
Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter().
contact_install in core/modules/contact/contact.install
Implements hook_install().
contact_personal_form in core/modules/contact/
Form constructor for the personal contact form.
contact_personal_form_submit in core/modules/contact/
Form submission handler for contact_personal_form().
contact_settings_form in core/modules/contact/
Contact settings form.
contact_show_personal_copy_checkbox in core/modules/contact/contact.module
Show the personal copy checkbox on forms
contact_site_form in core/modules/contact/
Form constructor for the site-wide contact form.
contact_site_form_submit in core/modules/contact/
Form submission handler for contact_site_form().
contact_update_1000 in core/modules/contact/contact.install
Convert contact module settings to use configuration files.
contact_update_1001 in core/modules/contact/contact.install
Convert available database contact categories to configuration files.
contact_update_1002 in core/modules/contact/contact.install
Set default value for new 'Phone' field setting.
contact_user_presave in core/modules/contact/contact.module
Implements hook_user_presave().
CronRunTestCase::testAutomaticCron in core/modules/system/tests/system.test
Ensure that the automatic cron run feature is working.
cron_example_form in modules/examples/cron_example/cron_example.module
The form to provide a link to cron.php.
cron_example_install in modules/examples/cron_example/cron_example.install
Implements hook_install()
DashboardWelcomeBlock::getContent in core/modules/dashboard/includes/
Return the content of a block.
dashboard_admin_settings in core/modules/dashboard/dashboard.module
Menu callback; Dashboard settings form.
dashboard_uninstall in core/modules/dashboard/dashboard.install
Implements hook_uninstall().
dashboard_update_1000 in core/modules/dashboard/dashboard.install
Set the URL for the Dashboard news feed.
DateTimeFunctionalTest::testTimeZoneHandling in core/modules/system/tests/system.test
Test time zones and DST handling.
date_update_1001 in core/modules/date/date.install
Remove legacy Date API and Date Popup configurations.
date_views_settings in core/modules/date/date.module
Form callback for date views pager title format settings.
dblog_form_system_logging_settings_alter in core/modules/dblog/dblog.module
Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter() for system_logging_settings().
dblog_update_1003 in core/modules/dblog/dblog.install
Restore the format for dates in the database log.
email_update_1000 in core/modules/email/email.install
Remove the old email module configuration file.
entityreference_update_1000 in core/modules/entityreference/entityreference.install
Move entityreference settings from config to state.
entity_view_mode_delete in core/modules/entity/entity.module
Delete a custom display mode.
FieldCrudTestCase::testCreateField in core/modules/field/tests/field.test
Test the creation of a field.
FieldCrudTestCase::testCreateFieldFail in core/modules/field/tests/field.test
Test failure to create a field.
FieldInfoTestCase::testFieldPrepare in core/modules/field/tests/field.test
Test that cached field definitions are ready for current runtime context.
FieldInfoTestCase::testInstancePrepare in core/modules/field/tests/field.test
Test that cached instance definitions are ready for current runtime context.
FieldInstanceCrudTestCase::testCreateFieldInstance in core/modules/field/tests/field.test
Test the creation of a field instance.
FieldTokenTestCase::setUp in core/modules/field/tests/field.test
Sets up a Backdrop site for running functional and integration tests.
field_attach_delete_bundle in core/modules/field/
Notify field.module that a bundle was deleted.
field_attach_rename_bundle in core/modules/field/
Notify field.module that a bundle was renamed.
field_bundle_settings in core/modules/field/field.module
Gets or sets administratively defined bundle settings.
field_create_field in core/modules/field/
Creates a field.
field_delete_field in core/modules/field/
Marks a field and its instances and data for deletion.
field_delete_instance in core/modules/field/
Marks a field instance and its data for deletion.
field_purge_field in core/modules/field/
Purges a field configuration.
field_purge_instance in core/modules/field/
Purges a field instance record from the database.
field_read_fields in core/modules/field/
Reads in fields that match an array of conditions.
field_read_instances in core/modules/field/
Reads in field instances that match an array of conditions.
field_update_1000 in core/modules/field/field.install
Convert fields to configuration files.
field_update_1001 in core/modules/field/field.install
Add missing entity type and bundle information to Field config files.
field_update_1002 in core/modules/field/field.install
Grant the new "administer fields" permission to trusted users.
field_update_field in core/modules/field/
Updates a field.
FileUploadSvgTestCase::setUp in core/modules/file/tests/file.test
Sets up a Backdrop site for running functional and integration tests.
FileUploadTransliterationTest::testTransliteration in core/modules/simpletest/tests/file.test
FileUploadWizardTestCase::testFileUploadWizardStepSkipping in core/modules/file/tests/file.test
Test skipping each of the file upload wizard steps.
file_add_form_submit in core/modules/file/
Submit handler for the add file form.
file_directory_temp in core/includes/
Gets the path of system-appropriate temporary directory.
file_display_save in core/modules/file/file.module
Saves a {file_display} array to config.
file_file_load in core/modules/file/
Implements hook_file_load().
file_get_upload_validators in core/modules/file/
Retrieves the upload validators for a file.
file_settings_form in core/modules/file/
Form callback for file settings.
file_type_delete in core/modules/file/
Deletes a file type from the configuration.
file_type_revert_confirm_submit in core/modules/file/
Process file type revert confirm submissions.
file_type_save in core/modules/file/
Updates an existing file type or creates a new one.
file_update_1000 in core/modules/file/file.install
Add a view for managing files.
file_update_1001 in core/modules/file/file.install
Add a Manage file link to the admin files view.
file_update_1002 in core/modules/file/file.install
Switch the 'edit files' permission to 'manage files'.
file_update_1004 in core/modules/file/file.install
Convert file_entity variables to config.
file_update_1005 in core/modules/file/file.install
Add the default file types and convert custom or modified file types from Drupal 7 file_entity.
file_update_1006 in core/modules/file/file.install
Add the default file display settings and convert saved file display settings from Drupal 7 file_entity.
file_update_1007 in core/modules/file/file.install
Grant the admin role permission to manage files and file types.
file_update_1010 in core/modules/file/file.install
Ensures that the "no results" text in 'file_admin' view has a valid format.
filter_format_save in core/modules/filter/filter.module
Saves a text format object to configuration.
filter_update_1000 in core/modules/filter/filter.install
Convert filter formats to configuration.
filter_update_1001 in core/modules/filter/filter.install
Add a separate permission for image upload access.
filter_update_1002 in core/modules/filter/filter.install
Import the image_library view.
filter_update_1003 in core/modules/filter/filter.install
Make the image_library view module-provided.
filter_update_1004 in core/modules/filter/filter.install
Add an exposed filename filter to the image_library view.
form_example_element_demo_form in modules/examples/form_example/
Form content for examples/form_example/element_example.
form_example_install in modules/examples/form_example/form_example.install
Implements hook_install().
form_set_cache in core/includes/
Stores a form in the cache.
form_test_system_config_form in core/modules/simpletest/tests/form_test.module
A form to test system_settings_form().
hook_config_delete in core/modules/config/config.api.php
Respond to configuration deletion.
hook_config_delete_validate in core/modules/config/config.api.php
Validate configuration deletions before deleting them.
hook_entity_view_mode_delete in core/modules/entity/entity.api.php
Respond to deletion of a display mode.
hook_node_type_delete in core/modules/node/node.api.php
Respond to node type deletion.
hook_node_type_update in core/modules/node/node.api.php
Respond to node type updates.
hook_ranking in core/modules/node/node.api.php
Provide additional methods of scoring for core search results for nodes.
hook_search_admin in core/modules/search/search.api.php
Add elements to the search settings form.
hook_update_N in core/modules/system/system.api.php
Perform a single update.
hook_user_login in core/modules/user/user.api.php
The user just logged in.
image_default_style_revert in core/modules/image/image.module
Revert the changes made by users to a default image style.
image_effect_delete in core/modules/image/image.module
Delete an image effect.
image_effect_save in core/modules/image/image.module
Save an image effect.
image_example_install in modules/examples/image_example/image_example.install
Implements hook_install().
image_example_style_form in modules/examples/image_example/
Form for uploading and displaying an image using selected style.
image_example_style_form_submit in modules/examples/image_example/
Form Builder; Display a form for uploading an image.
image_styles in core/modules/image/image.module
Get an array of all styles and their settings.
image_style_delete in core/modules/image/image.module
Delete an image style.
image_style_save in core/modules/image/image.module
Save an image style.
image_update_1000 in core/modules/image/image.install
Provide default image styles for the Image module.
image_update_1001 in core/modules/image/image.install
Convert available database image styles to configuration files.
image_update_1003 in core/modules/image/image.install
Add labels to all available styles.
image_update_1004 in core/modules/image/image.install
Update all image fields to use a static default image URI.
image_update_1005 in core/modules/image/image.install
Rename image config files.
image_update_1007 in core/modules/image/image.install
Update from Image size to more specific Image dimensions.
InstallerTestUploadCase::testUpdateManagerCoreSecurityUpdateMessages in core/modules/installer/tests/installer.test
Checks the messages on Update Manager pages when missing a security update.
installer_manager_update_form in core/modules/installer/
Form constructor for the update form of the Installer module.
installer_update_1000 in core/modules/installer/installer.install
Set a default value for the core update functionality via the browser.
install_configure_form_submit in core/includes/
Form submission handler for install_configure_form().
language_delete in core/modules/language/language.module
Delete a language.
language_negotiation_purge in core/includes/
Removes any unused language negotiation providers from the configuration.
language_save in core/modules/language/language.module
API function to add or update a language.
language_uninstall in core/modules/language/language.install
Implements hook_uninstall().
language_update_1001 in core/modules/language/language.install
Convert language settings to config.
language_update_1002 in core/modules/language/language.install
Convert the language database table to config.
language_update_1003 in core/modules/language/language.install
Add the native name to all enabled languages.
Layout::delete in core/modules/layout/includes/
Delete this layout.
Layout::revert in core/modules/layout/includes/
Revert a layout to a module-provided default.
Layout::save in core/modules/layout/includes/
Save a layout to config.
LayoutFlexibleTemplate::delete in core/modules/layout/includes/
Delete this layout template.
LayoutFlexibleTemplate::save in core/modules/layout/includes/
Save a flexible layout template to config.
LayoutMenuItem::delete in core/modules/layout/includes/
Delete a menu item configuration.
LayoutMenuItem::save in core/modules/layout/includes/
Save a menu item configuration.
layout_delete_form in core/modules/layout/
Form callback. Delete or revert a layout.
layout_flexible_template_load_all in core/modules/layout/layout.module
Load all flexible templates.
layout_get_all_configs in core/modules/layout/layout.module
Read all configuration files from disk of a particular layout type.
layout_template_toggle_enabled in core/modules/layout/
Menu callback; Enable or disable a layout template.
layout_warn_if_site_info_path in core/modules/layout/
Issues warnings if for a layout whose removal removes a page, its path matches one of the paths on the site information page.
link_update_1001 in core/modules/link/link.install
Remove the Link config file. Link no longer has any config.
LocaleUILanguageNegotiationTest::testUILanguageNegotiation in core/modules/locale/tests/locale.test
Tests for language switching by URL path.
LocaleUninstallFunctionalTest::testUninstallProcess in core/modules/locale/tests/locale.test
Check if the values of the Locale variables are correct after uninstall.
locale_enable in core/modules/locale/locale.install
Fill in the path prefixes and domains when enabled.
locale_install in core/modules/locale/locale.install
Implements hook_install().
locale_update_1003 in core/modules/locale/locale.install
Move language negotiation settings from variables to config.
locale_update_1004 in core/modules/locale/locale.install
Update locale settings to config.
MenuLanguageTestCase::testMenuParentLanguageNode in core/modules/menu/tests/menu_language.test
Test that the available parent menu items match on the node form.
MenuTrailTestCase::testCustom403And404Pages in core/modules/simpletest/tests/menu.test
Tests that the active trail works correctly on custom 403 and 404 pages.
menu_delete in core/modules/menu/menu.module
Delete a custom menu and all contained links.
menu_execute_active_handler in core/includes/
Execute the page callback associated with the current path.
menu_get_custom_theme in core/includes/
Gets the custom theme for the current page, if there is one.
menu_save in core/modules/menu/menu.module
Save a custom menu.
menu_settings_form in core/modules/menu/
Menu callback; global settings form for menus.
menu_update_1000 in core/modules/menu/menu.install
Moves menu settings from variables to config.
menu_update_1002 in core/modules/menu/menu.install
Move individual menus into config files.
menu_update_1003 in core/modules/menu/menu.install
Delete primary and secondary menu settings.
menu_update_1004 in core/modules/menu/menu.install
Add new default config values.
NodeTitleTestCase::testNodeTitle in core/modules/node/tests/node.test
Creates one node and tests if the node title has the correct value.
NodeTypePersistenceTestCase::testNodeTypeCustomizationPersistence in core/modules/node/tests/node.test
Tests that node type customizations persist through disable and uninstall.
NodeTypeTestCase::testNodeTypeCreation in core/modules/node/tests/node.test
Tests creating a content type programmatically and via a form.
node_feed in core/modules/node/node.module
Page callback: Generates and prints an RSS feed.
node_form in core/modules/node/
Form constructor for the node add/edit form.
node_hooks_example_form_alter in modules/examples/node_hooks_example/node_hooks_example.module
Implements hook_form_alter().
node_hooks_example_install in modules/examples/node_hooks_example/node_hooks_example.install
Implements hook_install().
node_hooks_example_node_load in modules/examples/node_hooks_example/node_hooks_example.module
Implements hook_node_load().
node_page_default in core/modules/node/node.module
Menu callback; Generate a listing of promoted nodes.
node_search_admin in core/modules/node/node.module
Implements hook_search_admin().
node_type_delete in core/modules/node/node.module
Deletes a node type from the database.
node_type_form in core/modules/node/
Form constructor for the node type editing form.
node_type_save in core/modules/node/node.module
Saves a node type to the database.
node_uninstall in core/modules/node/node.install
Implements hook_uninstall().
node_update_1007 in core/modules/node/node.install
Convert variables to configuration.
node_update_1008 in core/modules/node/node.install
Create the view replacement for admin/content/node.
node_update_1009 in core/modules/node/node.install
Update the language setting for all node types.
node_update_1010 in core/modules/node/node.install
Set all nodes to be language agnostic on mono-lingual sites.
node_update_1013 in core/modules/node/node.install
Update the empty text, name, and menu link, for the admin content view.
node_update_1016 in core/modules/node/node.install
Ensure content type statuses are the correct published/unpublished value.
node_update_1018 in core/modules/node/node.install
Update content admin view to show scheduled publication info.
node_update_1019 in core/modules/node/node.install
Update each content type with new node_preview configuration defaulted to enabled.
node_update_1020 in core/modules/node/node.install
Move default promoted view to node module.
node_update_1022 in core/modules/node/node.install
Update the admin content view with new/updated indicators and filter.
NumberFieldTestCase::testNumberFieldEmpty in core/modules/field/modules/number/tests/number.test
Test empty value submission.
PathPatternFunctionalTestCase::testNodeEditing in core/modules/path/tests/path_pattern.test
Basic functional testing of node Path patterns.
PathPatternFunctionalTestHelper::setUp in core/modules/path/tests/path_pattern.test
Sets up a Backdrop site for running functional and integration tests.
PathPatternTestHelper::setUp in core/modules/path/tests/path_pattern.test
Sets up a Backdrop site for running functional and integration tests.
PathPatternUnitTestCase::testCleanString in core/modules/path/tests/path_pattern.test
Test path_clean_string().
PathPatternUnitTestCase::testEntityBundleRenamingDeleting in core/modules/path/tests/path_pattern.test
PathPatternUnitTestCase::testNoExistingPathAliases in core/modules/path/tests/path_pattern.test
PathPatternUnitTestCase::testPathTokens in core/modules/path/tests/path_pattern.test
Test the handling of path vs non-path tokens in path_clean_token_values().
PathPatternUnitTestCase::testPatternLoadByEntity in core/modules/path/tests/path_pattern.test
Test path_get_pattern_by_entity_type().
PathPatternUnitTestCase::testUpdateActions in core/modules/path/tests/path_pattern.test
Test the different update actions in path_save_automatic_alias().
path_alias_uniquify in core/modules/path/
Check to ensure a URL alias is unique and add suffix variants if necessary.
path_clean_alias in core/modules/path/
Clean up a URL alias.
path_clean_string in core/modules/path/
Clean up a string segment to be used in an URL alias.
path_field_attach_delete_bundle in core/modules/path/path.module
Implements hook_field_attach_delete_bundle().
path_field_attach_rename_bundle in core/modules/path/path.module
Implements hook_field_attach_rename_bundle().
path_form_node_type_form_alter in core/modules/path/path.module
Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter().
path_form_taxonomy_form_vocabulary_alter in core/modules/path/path.module
Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter() for taxonomy_form_vocabulary().
path_generate_entity_alias in core/modules/path/
Apply patterns to create an alias for an entity.
path_get_pattern_by_entity_type in core/modules/path/path.module
Load an URL alias pattern by entity, bundle, and language.
path_node_type_form_submit in core/modules/path/path.module
Submit handler for node type form.
path_patterns_form in core/modules/path/
Form builder; Configure the URL alias patterns.
path_patterns_form_submit in core/modules/path/
Submit handler for path_patterns_form().
path_patterns_settings_form in core/modules/path/
Form builder; Configure the URL alias pattern settings.
path_taxonomy_form_vocabulary_submit in core/modules/path/path.module
Submit handler for taxonomy_form_vocabulary().
path_update_1000 in core/modules/path/path.install
Upgrades Drupal 7 Pathauto variables to Path config.
path_update_1001 in core/modules/path/path.install
Moves Backdrop Pathauto configuration to Path module configuration.
redirect_list_table in core/modules/redirect/
Display a list of redirects. Used on forms when editing an entity.
redirect_load_by_source in core/modules/redirect/redirect.module
Load multiple URL redirects from the database by {redirect}.source.
redirect_settings_form in core/modules/redirect/
Form builder for redirection settings.
redirect_update_1000 in core/modules/redirect/redirect.install
Upgrade Drupal 7 Redirect variables to config.
redirect_update_1002 in core/modules/redirect/redirect.install
Enable config static caching.
redirect_update_1003 in core/modules/redirect/redirect.install
Explicitly set the redirect status code and remove the default fallback.
SearchConfigSettingsForm::testSearchSettingsPage in core/modules/search/tests/search.test
Verify the search settings form.
SearchQuery::executeFirstPass in core/modules/search/
Executes the first pass query.
SearchTokenizerTestCase::testNoTokenizer in core/modules/search/tests/search.test
Verifies that strings of non-CJK characters are not tokenized.
SearchTokenizerTestCase::testTokenizer in core/modules/search/tests/search.test
Verifies that strings of CJK characters are tokenized.
search_admin_settings in core/modules/search/
Menu callback: displays the search module settings page.
search_admin_settings_submit in core/modules/search/
Form submission handler for search_admin_settings().
search_embedded_form_form_submit in core/modules/search/tests/search_embedded_form/search_embedded_form.module
Submit handler for search_embedded_form_form().
search_index in core/modules/search/search.module
Update the full-text search index for a particular item.
search_reindex_batch_finished in core/modules/search/search.module
Batch 'finished' callback for rebuilding the search index.
search_reindex_confirm_submit in core/modules/search/
Handler for rebuild confirmation
search_update_1000 in core/modules/search/search.install
Update search module to use the configuration system.
search_update_1001 in core/modules/search/search.install
Add the default value for the "search_logging" configuration value.
search_update_1002 in core/modules/search/search.install
Set all search blocks with 'default' title to 'custom' title with 'Search'.
search_update_1003 in core/modules/search/search.install
Set a default for the new search_pager_type setting if not already set.
simpletest_settings_form in core/modules/simpletest/
Provides settings form for SimpleTest variables.
simpletest_settings_form_submit in core/modules/simpletest/
Form submission handler for simpletest_settings_form().
simpletest_update_1001 in core/modules/simpletest/simpletest.install
Move simpletest settings from variables to config.
standard_install in core/profiles/standard/standard.install
Implements hook_install().
StreamWrapperTest::testUriFunctions in core/modules/simpletest/tests/file.test
Test the URI and target functions.
syslog_form_system_logging_settings_alter in core/modules/syslog/syslog.module
Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter().
syslog_logging_settings_submit in core/modules/syslog/syslog.module
Form submission handler for system_logging_settings().
syslog_watchdog in core/modules/syslog/syslog.module
Implements hook_watchdog().
SystemConfigFormCase::testConfigForm in core/modules/simpletest/tests/
Submit the system_config_form and then test the configuration has the expected values.
SystemThemeFunctionalTest::testThemeSettings in core/modules/system/tests/system.test
Test theme settings.
system_cron_settings in core/modules/system/
Form builder; Cron form.
system_date_format_delete in core/modules/system/system.module
Deletes a date format from the database.
system_file_presave in core/modules/system/system.module
Implements hook_file_presave().
system_file_system_settings in core/modules/system/
Form builder; Configure the site file handling.
system_form_user_register_form_alter in core/modules/system/system.module
Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter().
system_get_debug_info in core/modules/system/
Compiles the various information for the debug info page.
system_header_block in core/modules/system/system.module
Output the content for the header block.
system_image_toolkit_settings_submit in core/modules/system/
Submit handler for system_image_toolkit_settings().
system_jquery_settings in core/modules/system/
Form builder; Configure jQuery settings.
system_library_info in core/modules/system/system.module
Implements hook_library_info().
system_library_info_alter in core/modules/system/system.module
Implements hook_library_info_alter().
system_logging_settings in core/modules/system/
Form builder; Configure error reporting settings.
system_performance_settings in core/modules/system/
Form builder; Configure site performance settings.
system_regional_settings in core/modules/system/
Form builder; Configure the site regional settings.
system_regional_settings_submit in core/modules/system/
Form submission handler for regional settings.
system_requirements in core/modules/system/system.install
Implements hook_requirements().
system_rss_feeds_settings in core/modules/system/
Form builder; Configure how the site handles RSS feeds.
system_run_automated_cron in core/modules/system/system.module
Run the automated cron if enabled.
system_site_information_settings in core/modules/system/
Form builder; The general site information form.
system_site_information_settings_submit in core/modules/system/
Form submission handler for system_site_information_settings().
system_site_maintenance_mode in core/modules/system/
Form builder; Configure the site's maintenance status.
system_themes_admin_form_submit in core/modules/system/
Process system_themes_admin_form form submissions.
system_themes_disabled in core/modules/system/system.module
Implements hook_themes_disabled().
system_theme_settings_submit in core/modules/system/
Process system_theme_settings form submissions.
system_update_1003 in core/modules/system/system.install
Convert performance module settings to use configuration files.
system_update_1009 in core/modules/system/system.install
Enable Admin Menu module.
system_update_1012 in core/modules/system/system.install
Convert cron settings to use configuration files.
system_update_1013 in core/modules/system/system.install
Moves site system settings from variable to config.
system_update_1015 in core/modules/system/system.install
Convert RSS publishing settings to use configuration files.
system_update_1016 in core/modules/system/system.install
Moves action_max_stack from variable to config.
system_update_1017 in core/modules/system/system.install
Moves system logging settings from variables to config.
system_update_1018 in core/modules/system/system.install
Moves authorize system settings from variable to config.
system_update_1019 in core/modules/system/system.install
Converts active_menus_default variable to config.
system_update_1020 in core/modules/system/system.install
Convert date settings to config.
system_update_1022 in core/modules/system/system.install
Converts theme logo and shortcut settings to site-wide config.
system_update_1024 in core/modules/system/system.install
Consolidate common config files into "system.core".
system_update_1025 in core/modules/system/system.install
Convert block positioning and configuration to the default layout.
system_update_1026 in core/modules/system/system.install
Convert file system, clean URL, profile, and theme variables to config.
system_update_1027 in core/modules/system/system.install
Remove the per-user cache column from the session table.
system_update_1028 in core/modules/system/system.install
Convert filter fallback and user cancellation method variables to config.
system_update_1029 in core/modules/system/system.install
Convert config sync size to config.
system_update_1030 in core/modules/system/system.install
Convert mail system variable to config.
system_update_1031 in core/modules/system/system.install
Drop the actions table, no longer used by Backdrop.
system_update_1033 in core/modules/system/system.install
Set the minimum page cache lifetime to 5 minutes by default.
system_update_1036 in core/modules/system/system.install
Remove the private key from configuration.
system_update_1043 in core/modules/system/system.install
Remove old Date configuration files.
system_update_1046 in core/modules/system/system.install
Upgrade or prepare for transliteration functions in core.
system_update_1048 in core/modules/system/system.install
Set background fetch defaults.
system_update_1050 in core/modules/system/system.install
Fix legacy color setting in Bartik.
system_update_1052 in core/modules/system/system.install
Disable project browser if it previously existed on the site.
system_update_1054 in core/modules/system/system.install
Changes the key in layout config files from 'layout' to 'layout_template'.
system_update_1055 in core/modules/system/system.install
Create the new layout settings configuration file.
system_update_1056 in core/modules/system/system.install
Move incorrectly stored "log_row_limit" setting.
system_update_1057 in core/modules/system/system.install
Add default for watchdog_enabled_severity_levels.
system_update_1059 in core/modules/system/system.install
Set home page menu to render as a drop-down menu.
system_update_1060 in core/modules/system/system.install
Remove the homepage breadcrumb block.
system_update_1061 in core/modules/system/system.install
Update contrib entity display mode module to core version.
system_update_1062 in core/modules/system/system.install
Remove configuration settings that were never used.
system_update_1063 in core/modules/system/system.install
Set a default value for the X-Frame-Options header. This will not allow the site to be rendered in an iframe on another domain unless specified.
system_update_1065 in core/modules/system/system.install
Update the maintenance mode message field to use tokens.
system_update_1067 in core/modules/system/system.install
Add default value for form_cache_expiration.
system_update_1070 in core/modules/system/system.install
Set file_temporary_path on existing sites, if not already set.
system_update_1073 in core/modules/system/system.install
Set config_sync_clear_staging on existing sites, if not already set.
system_update_1074 in core/modules/system/system.install
Make sure that all config translatables are set for system core.
system_update_1075 in core/modules/system/system.install
Set a default value for the "Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort" header.
system_update_1076 in core/modules/system/system.install
Add default values for dismissible message settings.
system_update_1077 in core/modules/system/system.install
Explicitly set the admin theme to an actual theme, instead of the special 'Default theme' option.
system_update_1078 in core/modules/system/system.install
Re-arrange flexible layout configuration so we can save region classes.
system_update_1080 in core/modules/system/system.install
Set homepage to 'user' if blank to match previous behavior.
system_update_1081 in core/modules/system/system.install
Enable Admin Menu's Page Links component.
system_update_1083 in core/modules/system/system.install
Set the default value for "file_additional_public_schemes" setting.
system_update_1089 in core/modules/system/system.install
Enable Admin Bar's Language Switcher component if this is a multilingual site.
system_update_1090 in core/modules/system/system.install
Set a default value for the new user_editor_role setting on existing sites.
system_update_1093 in core/modules/system/system.install
Set defaults for date_views if not already set.
system_update_1094 in core/modules/system/system.install
Enable static caching of the "" configuration file.
system_update_1095 in core/modules/system/system.install
Set default values for flags for stripping sensitive headers on HTTP downgrade or host change.
system_update_1097 in core/modules/system/system.install
Set local_action_position in Admin Bar.
system_urls_settings in core/modules/system/
Form builder; Configure clean URL settings.
system_user_login in core/modules/system/system.module
Implements hook_user_login().
system_user_presave in core/modules/system/system.module
Implements hook_user_presave().
TaxonomyVocabulary::delete in core/modules/taxonomy/
Deletes a taxonomy vocabulary.
TaxonomyVocabulary::save in core/modules/taxonomy/
Saves a taxonomy vocabulary to configuration.
taxonomy_term_page in core/modules/taxonomy/
Menu callback; displays all nodes associated with a term.
taxonomy_uninstall in core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.install
Implements hook_uninstall().
taxonomy_update_1001 in core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.install
Convert taxonomy vocabularies to configuration.
taxonomy_update_1003 in core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.install
Create the taxonomy.settings config file.
taxonomy_update_1004 in core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.install
Convert taxonomy terms per page to config.
taxonomy_update_1007 in core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.install
Move default taxonomy term view to taxonomy module.
taxonomy_update_1009 in core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.install
Add new "create terms" permission to editor and admin roles.
taxonomy_update_1010 in core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.install
Clean up extraneous language-related configuration setting.
taxonomy_vocabulary_load_multiple in core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module
Load multiple taxonomy vocabularies based on certain conditions.
template_preprocess_maintenance_page in core/includes/
Prepares variables for maintenance-page templates.
template_preprocess_page in core/includes/
Preprocess variables for page.tpl.php
template_preprocess_user_picture in core/modules/user/
Process variables for user-picture.tpl.php.
template_preprocess_views_view_rss in core/modules/views/templates/
Preprocess an RSS feed
theme_date_nav_title in core/modules/date/
Theme the calendar title.
theme_get_setting in core/includes/
Retrieves a setting for the current theme or for a given theme.
TokenReplaceTestCase::testSystemSiteTokenReplacement in core/modules/simpletest/tests/token.test
Tests the generation of all system site information tokens.
translation_update_1000 in core/modules/translation/translation.install
Convert translation settings to config.
translation_update_1001 in core/modules/translation/translation.install
Fix Views which still have the Drupal 7 version of the language field and filter. Change from "language" to "langcode".
translation_update_1002 in core/modules/translation/translation.install
Add "Show content translation links" setting to each content type.
UpdateCoreTestCase::testModulePageRunCron in core/modules/update/tests/update.test
Checks that running cron updates the list of available updates.
UpdateCoreTestCase::testModulePageUpToDate in core/modules/update/tests/update.test
Checks the messages at admin/modules when the site is up to date.
UpdateCoreTestCase::testUpdateCheckingEnabled in core/modules/update/tests/update.test
Tests _update_checking_enabled() returns the expected value during tests.
UpdateScriptFunctionalTest::testRequirements in core/modules/system/tests/system.test
Tests that requirements warnings and errors are correctly displayed.
UpdateTestContribCase::testHookUpdateStatusAlter in core/modules/update/tests/update.test
Check that hook_update_status_alter() works to change a status.
UpdateTestContribCase::testUpdateShowDisabledThemes in core/modules/update/tests/update.test
Tests that disabled themes are only shown when desired.
UpdateTestHelper::refreshUpdateStatus in core/modules/update/tests/update.test
Refreshes the update status based on the desired available update scenario.
update_settings in core/modules/update/
Form constructor for the update settings form.
update_settings_submit in core/modules/update/
Form submission handler for update_settings().
update_update_1000 in core/modules/update/update.install
Moves update settings from variables to config.
update_update_1001 in core/modules/update/update.install
Add config default value for "update_not_implemented_url".
update_update_1002 in core/modules/update/update.install
Enable static caching for update settings configuration file.
update_update_1003 in core/modules/update/update.install
Removes the testing-only values from the update.settings config.
update_update_1004 in core/modules/update/update.install
Fix wrong default value for update_threshold setting.
update_update_1005 in core/modules/update/update.install
Check for a faulty installer.settings.json and fix it or remove it if needed.
UserCreateTestCase::testUserWithWeakPassword in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
Tests setting a weak password.
UserEditTestCase::testUserEdit in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
Test user edit page.
UserLoginTestCase::testGlobalLoginFloodControl in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
Test the global login flood control.
UserLoginTestCase::testPerUserLoginFloodControl in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
Test the per-user login flood control.
UserPictureTestCase::testDeletePicture in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
Tests deletion of user pictures.
UserPictureTestCase::testPictureIsValid in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
Do the test: Picture is valid (proper size and dimension)
UserPictureTestCase::testWithGDinvalidDimension in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
Do the test: GD Toolkit is installed Picture has invalid dimension
UserPictureTestCase::testWithGDinvalidSize in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
Do the test: GD Toolkit is installed Picture has invalid size
UserPictureTestCase::testWithoutGDinvalidDimension in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
Do the test: GD Toolkit is not installed Picture has invalid size
UserPictureTestCase::testWithoutGDinvalidSize in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
Do the test: GD Toolkit is not installed Picture has invalid size
UserRegistrationTestCase::testRegistrationDefaultValues in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
UserRegistrationTestCase::testRegistrationEmailAsUsername in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
Tests new users username matches their email if username is an email.
UserRegistrationTestCase::testRegistrationEmailAsUsernameDisabled in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
Tests new users username not matching their email if username is an email.
UserRegistrationTestCase::testRegistrationEmailDuplicates in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
UserRegistrationTestCase::testRegistrationWithEmailVerification in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
UserRegistrationTestCase::testRegistrationWithoutEmailVerification in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
UserRegistrationTestCase::testRegistrationWithUserFields in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
Tests Field API fields on user registration forms.
UserTimeZoneFunctionalTest::testUserTimeZone in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
Tests the display of dates and time when user-configurable time zones are set.
user_account_form in core/modules/user/user.module
Helper function to add default user account fields to user registration and edit form.
user_account_form_validate in core/modules/user/user.module
Form validation handler for user_account_form().
user_admin_roles in core/modules/user/
Form to re-order roles.
user_admin_roles_order_submit in core/modules/user/
Form submit function. Update the role weights.
user_admin_settings in core/modules/user/
Form builder; Configure user settings for this site.
user_cancel_methods in core/modules/user/
Helper function to return available account cancellation methods.
user_form_process_password in core/modules/user/user.module
Form element process handler for client-side password hide/show and strength.
user_login_authenticate_validate in core/modules/user/user.module
Second phase validation handler on the login form.
user_login_block in core/modules/user/user.module
user_login_final_validate in core/modules/user/user.module
The final validation handler on the login form.
user_login_settings in core/modules/user/
Login settings form.
user_password_policy_validate in core/modules/user/user.module
Validation callback for password constraints.
user_pass_validate in core/modules/user/
Form validation handler for user_pass().
user_roles in core/modules/user/user.module
Retrieve an array of roles matching specified conditions.
user_role_delete in core/modules/user/user.module
Delete a user role from database.
user_role_save in core/modules/user/user.module
Save a user role to the database.
user_settings_email in core/modules/user/
Form builder; Configure user email settings for this site.
user_settings_email_submit in core/modules/user/
Form submission handler for user_settings_email().
user_update_1003 in core/modules/user/user.install
Moves account settings from variable to config.
user_update_1004 in core/modules/user/user.install
Moves login flood settings from variable to config.
user_update_1005 in core/modules/user/user.install
Moves user mail settings from variable to config.
user_update_1006 in core/modules/user/user.install
Moves user picture settings from variable to config.
user_update_1007 in core/modules/user/user.install
Convert user roles to configuration files.
user_update_1008 in core/modules/user/user.install
Update views that used the old role ID handlers to use role name instead.
user_update_1009 in core/modules/user/user.install
Create the default view for user administration.
user_update_1010 in core/modules/user/user.install
Set default option for login method to use accounts only.
user_update_1011 in core/modules/user/user.install
Update 'People' menus to 'User accounts'.
user_update_1012 in core/modules/user/user.install
Update 'Find user accounts' to 'Manage user accounts'
user_update_1013 in core/modules/user/user.install
Grant accounts with 'administer permissions' the new 'assign roles' permission.
user_update_1014 in core/modules/user/user.install
Fixes system email linebreaks.
user_update_1015 in core/modules/user/user.install
Change label 'Name' to 'Username' for clarity on user admin view.
user_update_1017 in core/modules/user/user.install
Add admin mail text for pending approval.
user_update_1018 in core/modules/user/user.install
Set default values for core password constraints.
user_update_1019 in core/modules/user/user.install
Set the "user_admin_role" attribute to "0" (disabled) if it's missing.
user_update_1020 in core/modules/user/user.install
Make sure that all config translatables are set for user mails.
user_update_1022 in core/modules/user/user.install
Moves the "log_user_flood_control" variable to config.
user_update_1023 in core/modules/user/user.install
Add default descriptions to user roles.
user_update_1025 in core/modules/user/user.install
Add a "changed" column to the user_admin View.
user_update_1026 in core/modules/user/user.install
Correct the default config value for the "flood_uid_only" setting.
user_validate_picture in core/modules/user/user.module
Validates an image uploaded by a user.
view::delete in core/modules/views/includes/
Delete the view entirely from the system.
view::revert in core/modules/views/includes/
Revert the view based on its module-provided default version (if any).
view::save in core/modules/views/includes/
Save the view to a configuration file.
views_get_all_views in core/modules/views/views.module
Return an array of all views as fully loaded $view objects.
views_get_view in core/modules/views/views.module
Get a view from the database or from default views.
views_ui_admin_settings_advanced in core/modules/views_ui/
Form builder for the advanced admin settings page.
views_ui_admin_settings_advanced_submit in core/modules/views_ui/
Submit handler for views_ui_admin_settings_advanced().
views_ui_admin_settings_basic in core/modules/views_ui/
Form builder for the admin display defaults page.
views_ui_admin_settings_basic_submit in core/modules/views_ui/
Submit handler for views_ui_admin_settings_basic().
views_ui_preview in core/modules/views_ui/
Returns the results of the live preview.
views_ui_update_1000 in core/modules/views_ui/views_ui.install
Update Views UI variables to use configuration files.
views_ui_update_1001 in core/modules/views_ui/views_ui.install
Add new default display(s) setting.
views_ui_update_1002 in core/modules/views_ui/views_ui.install
Rename the setting that allows showing the default display.
views_update_1001 in core/modules/views/views.install
Convert available database views to configuration files.
views_update_1003 in core/modules/views/views.install
Update Views variables to use configuration files.
views_update_1004 in core/modules/views/views.install
Replace the frontpage view with promoted.
views_update_1005 in core/modules/views/views.install
Set all grid style Views to use the deprecated table if not set already.
watchdog_severity_enabled in core/includes/
Check if logging is enabled for a given severity level.
_backdrop_bootstrap_page_cache in core/includes/
Attempts to serve a page from the cache.
_backdrop_maintenance_theme in core/includes/
Sets up the theme system for the maintenance page.
_field_write_instance in core/modules/field/
Stores an instance record in the field configuration database.
_file_types_build in core/modules/file/file.module
Builds and returns the list of available file types.
_node_rankings in core/modules/node/node.module
Gathers the rankings from the the hook_ranking implementations.
_node_types_build in core/modules/node/node.module
Builds and returns the list of available node types.
_path_clean_separators in core/modules/path/
Trims duplicate, leading, and trailing separators from a string.
_update_cron_notify in core/modules/update/
Performs any notifications that should be done once cron fetches new data.
_update_process_fetch_task in core/modules/update/
Processes a task to fetch available update data for a single project.
_user_mail_notify in core/modules/user/user.module
Conditionally create and send a notification email when a certain operation happens on the given user account.
_user_mail_text in core/modules/user/user.module
Returns a mail string for a variable name.