1 node.install node_update_1010()

Set all nodes to be language agnostic on mono-lingual sites.

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core/modules/node/node.install, line 1079
Install, update and uninstall functions for the node module.


function node_update_1010() {
  // Because this update may adversely affect sites that once were multilingual
  // but are now mono-lingual, we only apply if we're absolutely sure only a
  // single language is used, both in the configuration and in the node table.
  $language_count = config_get('system.core', 'language_count');
  $default_langcode = config_get('system.core', 'language_default');
  $other_languages = db_query("SELECT COUNT(langcode) FROM {node} WHERE langcode NOT IN (:list)", array(':list' => array('und', $default_langcode)))->fetchField();
  if ($language_count == 1 && $other_languages == 0) {
    db_query("UPDATE {node} SET langcode = 'und' WHERE langcode = :default", array('default' => $default_langcode));
    db_query("UPDATE {url_alias} SET langcode = 'und' WHERE source LIKE 'node/%' AND langcode = :default", array('default' => $default_langcode));