Install, update and uninstall functions for the node module.




Namesort descending Description
node_install Implements hook_install().
node_schema Implements hook_schema().
node_uninstall Implements hook_uninstall().
node_update_1000 Set 'node' as home page path if it implicitly was before.
node_update_1001 Rename node type language variable names.
node_update_1002 Rename node.language field to node.langcode.
node_update_1003 Move theme settings to global site configuration.
node_update_1004 Remove the block_node_type table, now stored in layout configuration files.
node_update_1005 Convert content types to configuration files.
node_update_1006 Delete the node_type table after conversions to configuration files.
node_update_1007 Convert variables to configuration.
node_update_1008 Create the view replacement for admin/content/node.
node_update_1009 Update the language setting for all node types.
node_update_1010 Set all nodes to be language agnostic on mono-lingual sites.
node_update_1011 Delete the node_type table if it still exists.
node_update_1012 Rebuild node access to account for view unpublished.
node_update_1013 Update the empty text, name, and menu link, for the admin content view.
node_update_1014 Change {history}.nid to an unsigned int in order to match {node}.nid.
node_update_1015 Add column for scheduling the publishing of content in the future.
node_update_1016 Ensure content type statuses are the correct published/unpublished value.
node_update_1017 Update each content type with new hidden_path configuration defaulted to disabled.
node_update_1018 Update content admin view to show scheduled publication info.
node_update_1019 Update each content type with new node_preview configuration defaulted to enabled.
node_update_1020 Move default promoted view to node module.
node_update_1021 Creates the table to enable caching of Nodes entities.
node_update_1022 Update the admin content view with new/updated indicators and filter.
node_update_dependencies Implements hook_update_dependencies().