1 database.inc db_add_field($table, $field, $spec, $keys_new = array())

Adds a new field to a table.


$table: Name of the table to be altered.

$field: Name of the field to be added.

$spec: The field specification array, as taken from a schema definition. The specification may also contain the key 'initial'; the newly-created field will be set to the value of the key in all rows. This is most useful for creating NOT NULL columns with no default value in existing tables.

$keys_new: Optional keys and indexes specification to be created on the table along with adding the field. The format is the same as a table specification, but without the 'fields' element. If you are adding a type 'serial' field, you MUST specify at least one key or index including it in this array. See db_change_field() for more explanation why.

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core/includes/database/database.inc, line 2918
Core systems for the database layer.


function db_add_field($table, $field, $spec, $keys_new = array()) {
  return Database::getConnection()->schema()->addField($table, $field, $spec, $keys_new);