Install, update and uninstall functions for File module.




Namesort descending Description
file_field_schema Implements hook_field_schema().
file_requirements Implements hook_requirements().
file_schema Implements hook_schema().
file_update_1000 Add a view for managing files.
file_update_1001 Add a Manage file link to the admin files view.
file_update_1002 Switch the 'edit files' permission to 'manage files'.
file_update_1003 Add a type column to the file_managed table, and add a file_metadata table.
file_update_1004 Convert file_entity variables to config.
file_update_1005 Add the default file types and convert custom or modified file types from Drupal 7 file_entity.
file_update_1006 Add the default file display settings and convert saved file display settings from Drupal 7 file_entity.
file_update_1007 Grant the admin role permission to manage files and file types.
file_update_1008 Creates the table to enable caching of Comment entities.
file_update_1009 Remove the file_type_determine queue.
file_update_1010 Ensures that the "no results" text in 'file_admin' view has a valid format.
file_update_dependencies Implements hook_update_dependencies().