Framework for handling the filtering of content.




Namesort descending Description
check_markup Runs all the enabled filters on a piece of text.
filter_access Checks if a user has access to a particular text format.
filter_admin_format_title Displays a text format form title.
filter_clear_format_tempstore Remove an item from the object cache.
filter_config_data_validate Implements hook_config_data_validate().
filter_config_info Implements hook_config_info().
filter_default_format Returns the ID of the default text format for a particular user.
filter_dialog_access Access callback: Generic dialog access check callback.
filter_dom_load Parses an HTML snippet and returns it as a DOM object.
filter_dom_serialize Converts a DOM object back to an HTML snippet.
filter_dom_serialize_escape_cdata_element Adds comments around the <!CDATA section in a dom element.
filter_editor_dialog_token Generate a URL token for checking access to an editor dialog.
filter_editor_load Loads an individual editor's information.
filter_element_info Implements hook_element_info().
filter_entity_delete Implements hook_entity_delete().
filter_entity_insert Implements hook_entity_insert().
filter_entity_update Implements hook_entity_update().
filter_fallback_format Returns the ID of the fallback text format that all users have access to.
filter_fallback_format_title Returns the title of the fallback text format.
filter_filter_info Implements hook_filter_info().
filter_formats Retrieves a list of text formats, ordered by weight.
filter_formats_reset Resets the text format caches.
filter_format_access Access callback: Checks a user's access to a particular text format.
filter_format_allowcache Checks if the text in a certain text format is allowed to be cached.
filter_format_allowed_html Get a complete list of allowed and forbidden tags for a text format.
filter_format_build_format Builds a text format object from initial values.
filter_format_disable Disables a text format.
filter_format_enable Enables a text format.
filter_format_exists Determines if a text format exists.
filter_format_load Loads a text format object from the database.
filter_format_save Saves a text format object to configuration.
filter_form_access_denied Render API callback: Hides the field value of 'text_format' elements.
filter_get_attached Adds filter configuration information to the page for access by JavaScript.
filter_get_editors Returns a list of text editors that are used with 'text_format' elements.
filter_get_filters Returns a list of all filters provided by modules.
filter_get_formats_by_role Retrieves a list of text formats that are allowed for a given role.
filter_get_format_tempstore Get a format currently being edited from the tempstore.
filter_get_js_settings Retrieve JavaScript settings that should be added by each filter.
filter_get_roles_by_format Retrieves a list of roles that are allowed to use a given text format.
filter_library_info Implements hook_library_info().
filter_list_format Deprecated Retrieves a list of filters for a given text format.
filter_menu Implements hook_menu().
filter_modules_disabled Implements hook_modules_disabled().
filter_modules_enabled Implements hook_modules_enabled().
filter_node_revision_delete Implements hook_node_revision_delete().
filter_parse_file_fids Parse an HTML snippet for any data-file-id attributes.
filter_permission Implements hook_permission().
filter_permission_name Returns the machine-readable permission name for a provided text format.
filter_process_format Expands an element into a base element with text format selector attached.
filter_set_format_tempstore Store changes to a format in the temporary store.
filter_theme Implements hook_theme().
_filter_autop Implements callback_filter_process().
_filter_autop_tips Implements callback_filter_tips().
_filter_delete_file_usage Deletes file usage of files referenced by processed text fields.
_filter_disable_format_access Access callback: Checks access for disabling text formats.
_filter_format_is_cacheable Helper function to determine whether the output of a given text format can be cached.
_filter_get_file_ids_by_field Finds all files referenced (data-file-id) by processed text fields.
_filter_get_processed_text_fields Determines the text fields on an entity that have text processing enabled.
_filter_html Implements callback_filter_process().
_filter_htmlcorrector Implements callback_filter_process().
_filter_html_allowed_html Implements callback_filter_allowed_html().
_filter_html_escape Implements callback_filter_process().
_filter_html_escape_tips Implements callback_filter_tips().
_filter_html_settings Implements callback_filter_settings().
_filter_html_tips Implements callback_filter_tips().
_filter_image_align Implements callback_filter_process().
_filter_image_caption Implements callback_filter_process().
_filter_record_file_usage Records file usage of files referenced by processed text fields.
_filter_tips Retrieves the filter tips.
_filter_url Implements callback_filter_process().
_filter_url_escape_comments Escapes the contents of HTML comments.
_filter_url_js_settings Implements callback_filter_js_settings().
_filter_url_parse_email_links Makes links out of email addresses.
_filter_url_parse_full_links Makes links out of absolute URLs.
_filter_url_parse_partial_links Makes links out of domain names starting with "www."
_filter_url_settings Implements callback_filter_settings().
_filter_url_tips Implements callback_filter_tips().
_filter_url_trim Shortens long URLs to