1 bootstrap.inc settings_get($name, $default = NULL)

Returns a site-wide setting, usually specified via the settings.php file.

This returns values from the global $settings variable, with an optional default if the setting has not be specified. Settings are used for low-level, global configuration. Unlike config_get(), this function is used to retrieve values that cannot be changed via the user-interface, hence why there is no matching settings_set() function.


string $name: The name of the setting to return.

mixed $default: (optional) The default value to use if this setting is not set.

Return value

mixed: The value of the setting, the provided default if not set.


core/includes/bootstrap.inc, line 1185
Functions that need to be loaded on every Backdrop request.


function settings_get($name, $default = NULL) {
  global $settings;

  return isset($settings[$name]) ? $settings[$name] : $default;