Administrative script for running authorized file operations.

Using this script, the site owner (the user actually owning the files on the webserver) can authorize certain file-related operations to proceed with elevated privileges, for example to deploy and upgrade modules or themes. Users should not visit this page directly, but instead use an administrative user interface which knows how to redirect the user to this script as part of a multistep process. This script actually performs the selected operations without loading all of Backdrop, to be able to more gracefully recover from errors. Access to the script is controlled by a global kill switch in settings.php ('allow_authorize_operations') and via the 'administer software updates' permission.

There are helper functions for setting up an operation to run via this system in modules/system/system.module. For more information, see: Authorized operation helper functions




Namesort descending Description
authorize_access_allowed Determines if the current user is allowed to run authorize.php.
authorize_access_denied_page Renders a 403 access denied page for authorize.php.


Namesort descending Description
BACKDROP_ROOT Defines the root directory of the Backdrop installation.
MAINTENANCE_MODE Global flag to identify update.php and authorize.php runs.


Namesort descending Description
$conf Deprecated Global variable that holds values from the variables table.