Functions that need to be loaded on every Backdrop request.




Namesort descending Description
arg Returns a component of the current Backdrop path.
backdrop_add_http_header Sets an HTTP response header for the current page.
backdrop_anonymous_user Generates a default anonymous $user object.
backdrop_array_merge_deep Merges multiple arrays, recursively, and returns the merged array.
backdrop_array_merge_deep_array Merges multiple arrays, recursively, and returns the merged array.
backdrop_autoload Confirms that a class is available.
backdrop_base64_encode Returns a URL-safe, base64 encoded version of the supplied string.
backdrop_bootstrap Ensures Backdrop is bootstrapped to the specified phase.
backdrop_bootstrap_is_installed Verify the installation of Backdrop is correct.
backdrop_check_memory_limit Compares the memory required for an operation to the available memory.
backdrop_check_trusted_hosts Checks if a host matches the trusted host patterns in settings.php.
backdrop_clear_opcode_cache Invalidates a PHP file from any active opcode caches.
backdrop_environment_initialize Initializes the PHP environment.
backdrop_generate_test_ua Generates a user agent string with a HMAC and timestamp for simpletest.
backdrop_get_bootstrap_phase Returns the current bootstrap phase for this Backdrop process.
backdrop_get_complete_schema Gets the whole database schema.
backdrop_get_filename Returns and optionally sets the filename for a system resource.
backdrop_get_http_header Gets the HTTP response headers for the current page.
backdrop_get_messages Returns all messages that have been set with backdrop_set_message().
backdrop_get_schema Gets the schema definition of a table, or the whole database schema.
backdrop_get_title Gets the title of the current page.
backdrop_get_user_timezone Returns the time zone of the current user.
backdrop_hash_base64 Calculates a base-64 encoded, URL-safe sha-256 hash.
backdrop_hmac_base64 Calculates a base-64 encoded, URL-safe sha-256 hmac.
backdrop_installation_attempted Returns TRUE if a Backdrop installation is currently being attempted.
backdrop_is_ajax Detects if this is an AJAX HTTP request.
backdrop_is_apache Checks whether Backdrop is running under Apache.
backdrop_is_background Stores if Backdrop is currently being executed in the background.
backdrop_is_cli Detects whether the current script is running in a command-line environment.
backdrop_is_dialog Detects if this is a dialog HTTP request.
backdrop_is_html Detects if this is an HTML HTTP request.
backdrop_is_https Checks whether an HTTPS request is being served.
backdrop_is_litespeed Checks whether Backdrop is running under LiteSpeed.
backdrop_is_nginx Checks whether Backdrop is running under Nginx.
backdrop_language_initialize Initializes all the defined language types.
backdrop_load Includes a file with the provided type and name.
backdrop_maintenance_theme Enables use of the theme system without requiring database access.
backdrop_override_server_variables Sets appropriate server variables needed for command line scripts to work.
backdrop_page_get_cache Retrieves the current page from the cache.
backdrop_page_header Sets HTTP headers in preparation for a page response.
backdrop_page_is_cacheable Determines the cacheability of the current page.
backdrop_placeholder Formats text for emphasized display in a placeholder inside a sentence.
backdrop_random_bytes Returns a string of highly randomized bytes (over the full 8-bit range).
backdrop_random_key Returns a URL-safe, base64 encoded string of highly randomized bytes (over the full 8-bit range).
backdrop_register_shutdown_function Registers a function for execution on shutdown.
backdrop_send_headers Sends the HTTP response headers that were previously set, adding defaults.
backdrop_serve_page_from_cache Sets HTTP headers in preparation for a cached page response.
backdrop_settings_initialize Sets the base URL, cookie domain, and session name from configuration.
backdrop_set_length_headers Set headers for content-length and content-range.
backdrop_set_message Sets a message to display to the user.
backdrop_set_title Sets the title of the current page.
backdrop_show_messages Determines whether or not messages should be shown on the current page.
backdrop_static Provides central static variable storage.
backdrop_static_reset Resets one or all centrally stored static variable(s).
backdrop_unpack Unserializes and appends elements from a serialized string.
backdrop_validate_utf8 Checks whether a string is valid UTF-8.
backdrop_valid_http_host Validates that a hostname (for example $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']) is safe.
backdrop_valid_test_ua Returns the test prefix if this is an internal request from SimpleTest.
bootstrap_hooks Defines the critical hooks that force modules to always be loaded.
bootstrap_invoke_all Invokes a bootstrap hook in all bootstrap modules that implement it.
check_plain Encodes special characters in a plain-text string for display as HTML.
conf_path Returns the appropriate configuration directory.
fast_404 Returns a simple 404 Not Found page.
find_conf_path Finds the appropriate configuration directory for a given host and path.
format_string Formats a string for HTML display by replacing variable placeholders.
get_t Returns the name of the proper localization function.
ip_address Returns the IP address of the client machine.
language_default Returns the default language used on the site.
language_list Returns a list of configured languages.
language_load Loads a language object from the database.
language_multilingual Returns TRUE if there is more than one language enabled.
language_name Produced the printed name for a language for display.
language_types_get_default Returns a list of the built-in language types.
request_path Returns the requested URL path of the page being viewed.
request_uri Returns the equivalent of Apache's $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] variable.
settings_get Returns a site-wide setting, usually specified via the settings.php file.
state_del Unsets a persistent state value.
state_get Retrieves a "state" value from the database.
state_initialize Loads the persistent state table.
state_set Sets a persistent state value.
t Translates a string to the current language or to a given language.
timer_read Reads the current timer value without stopping the timer.
timer_start Starts the timer with the specified name.
timer_stop Stops the timer with the specified name.
variable_del Deprecated Unsets a persistent variable.
variable_get Deprecated Returns a persistent variable.
variable_initialize Deprecated Loads the persistent variable table.
variable_set Deprecated Sets a persistent variable.
watchdog Logs a system message.
watchdog_deprecated_function Logs a deprecation warning.
watchdog_exception Logs an exception.
watchdog_severity_enabled Check if logging is enabled for a given severity level.
_backdrop_bootstrap_configuration Sets up the script environment and loads settings.php.
_backdrop_bootstrap_database Initializes the database system and registers autoload functions.
_backdrop_bootstrap_page_cache Attempts to serve a page from the cache.
_backdrop_bootstrap_page_header Invokes hook_boot() and sends HTTP headers.
_backdrop_bootstrap_sanitize_input Sanitizes unsafe keys from request input.
_backdrop_bootstrap_sanitize_request Sanitizes unsafe input from the PHP request super-globals.
_backdrop_bootstrap_variables Loads system variables and all enabled bootstrap modules.
_backdrop_error_handler Provides custom PHP error handling.
_backdrop_exception_handler Provides custom PHP exception handling.
_backdrop_set_preferred_header_name Sets the preferred name for the HTTP header.
_backdrop_shutdown_function Executes registered shutdown functions.


Namesort descending Description
BACKDROP_ANONYMOUS_ROLE Role ID for anonymous users.
BACKDROP_AUTHENTICATED_ROLE Role ID for authenticated users.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_CONFIGURATION First bootstrap phase: initialize configuration.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_DATABASE Third bootstrap phase: initialize database layer.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_FULL Final bootstrap phase: Backdrop is fully loaded; validate and fix input data.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_LANGUAGE Eighth bootstrap phase: find out language of the page.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_LOCK Fourth bootstrap phase: initialize the lock system.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_PAGE_CACHE Second bootstrap phase: try to serve a cached page.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_PAGE_HEADER Seventh bootstrap phase: set up the page header.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_SESSION Sixth bootstrap phase: initialize session handling.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_VARIABLES Fifth bootstrap phase: initialize the variable system.
BACKDROP_KILOBYTE The number of bytes in a kilobyte.
BACKDROP_MINIMUM_PHP Minimum supported version of PHP.
BACKDROP_MINIMUM_PHP_MEMORY_LIMIT Minimum recommended value of PHP memory_limit.
BACKDROP_PHP_FUNCTION_PATTERN Regular expression to match PHP function names.
BACKDROP_VERSION The current system version.
CACHE_PERMANENT Indicates that the item should never be removed unless explicitly selected.
CACHE_TEMPORARY Indicates that the item should be removed at the next general cache wipe.
CHECK_PLAIN Flag used to indicate that text is not sanitized, so run check_plain().
ERROR_REPORTING_DISPLAY_ALL Error reporting level: display all messages.
ERROR_REPORTING_DISPLAY_SOME Error reporting level: display errors and warnings.
ERROR_REPORTING_HIDE Error reporting level: display no errors.
LANGUAGE_LTR Language written left to right. Possible value of $language->direction.
LANGUAGE_NONE The language code used when no language is explicitly assigned.
LANGUAGE_RTL Language written right to left. Possible value of $language->direction.
LANGUAGE_SYSTEM System language (only applicable to UI).
LANGUAGE_TYPE_CONTENT The type of language used to define the content language.
LANGUAGE_TYPE_INTERFACE The type of language used to select the user interface.
LANGUAGE_TYPE_URL The type of language used for URLs.
PASS_THROUGH Flag used to indicate that text has already been sanitized.
REQUEST_TIME Time of the current request in seconds elapsed since the Unix Epoch.
WATCHDOG_ALERT Log message severity -- Alert: action must be taken immediately.
WATCHDOG_CRITICAL Log message severity -- Critical conditions.
WATCHDOG_DEBUG Log message severity -- Debug-level messages.
WATCHDOG_DEPRECATED Log message severity -- Deprecated function/feature notices.
WATCHDOG_EMERGENCY Log message severity -- Emergency: system is unusable.
WATCHDOG_ERROR Log message severity -- Error conditions.
WATCHDOG_INFO Log message severity -- Informational messages.
WATCHDOG_NOTICE Log message severity -- Notice: normal but significant conditions.
WATCHDOG_WARNING Log message severity -- Warning conditions.


Namesort descending Description
BackdropCacheArray Provides a caching wrapper to be used in place of large array structures.
SchemaCache Extends BackdropCacheArray to allow for dynamic building of the schema cache.