1 bootstrap.inc bootstrap_invoke_all($hook)

Invokes a bootstrap hook in all bootstrap modules that implement it.


$hook: The name of the bootstrap hook to invoke.

See also



core/includes/bootstrap.inc, line 1477
Functions that need to be loaded on every Backdrop request.


function bootstrap_invoke_all($hook) {
  // Bootstrap modules should have been loaded when this function is called, so
  // we don't need to tell module_list() to reset its internal list (and we
  // therefore leave the first parameter at its default value of FALSE). We
  // still pass in TRUE for the second parameter, though; in case this is the
  // first time during the bootstrap that module_list() is called, we want to
  // make sure that its internal cache is primed with the bootstrap modules
  // only.
  foreach (module_list(FALSE, TRUE) as $module) {
    backdrop_load('module', $module);
    module_invoke($module, $hook);