1 bootstrap.inc _backdrop_set_preferred_header_name($name = NULL)

Sets the preferred name for the HTTP header.

Header names are case-insensitive, but for maximum compatibility they should follow "common form" (see RFC 2617, section 4.2).


string $name: Optional. A header name with the preferred capitalization, e.g. Cache-Control or Content-Type.

Return value

string[]: The array of all current preferred header names. Keyed by a lower-case string of each header name.


core/includes/bootstrap.inc, line 1601
Functions that need to be loaded on every Backdrop request.


function _backdrop_set_preferred_header_name($name = NULL) {
  static $header_names = array();

  if (isset($name)) {
    $header_names[strtolower($name)] = $name;
  return $header_names;