1 bootstrap.inc backdrop_get_schema($table = NULL, $rebuild = FALSE)

Gets the schema definition of a table, or the whole database schema.

The returned schema will include any modifications made by any module that implements hook_schema_alter(). To get the schema without modifications, use backdrop_get_schema_unprocessed().


$table: The name of the table. If not given, the schema of all tables is returned.

$rebuild: If true, the schema will be rebuilt instead of retrieved from the cache.

Return value

array: The schema definition of the requested table.

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core/includes/bootstrap.inc, line 3930
Functions that need to be loaded on every Backdrop request.


function backdrop_get_schema($table = NULL, $rebuild = FALSE) {
  static $schema;

  if ($rebuild || !isset($table)) {
    $schema = backdrop_get_complete_schema($rebuild);
  elseif (!isset($schema)) {
    $schema = new SchemaCache();

  if (!isset($table)) {
    return $schema;
  if (isset($schema[$table])) {
    return $schema[$table];
  else {
    return FALSE;