Template for a single column layout.


  • $title: The page title, for use in the actual HTML content.
  • $messages: Status and error messages. Should be displayed prominently.
  • $tabs: Tabs linking to any sub-pages beneath the current page (e.g., the view and edit tabs when displaying a node).
  • $action_links: Array of actions local to the page, such as 'Add menu' on the menu administration interface.
  • $classes: Array of classes to be added to the layout wrapper.
  • $attributes: Additional attributes to be added to the layout wrapper.
  • $content: An array of content, each item in the array is keyed to one region of the layout. This layout supports the following sections:

    • $content['header']
    • $content['top']
    • $content['content']
    • $content['footer']