admin_bar_links_icon in core/modules/admin_bar/
Build icon menu links; mostly containing maintenance helpers.
authorize_access_allowed in core/authorize.php
Determines if the current user is allowed to run authorize.php.
BackdropHtmlToTextTestCase::testVeryLongLineWrap in core/modules/simpletest/tests/mail.test
Tests that backdrop_html_to_text() wraps before 1000 characters.
BackdropQueue::get in core/modules/system/
Returns the queue object for a given name.
backdrop_bootstrap in core/includes/
Ensures Backdrop is bootstrapped to the specified phase.
backdrop_build_css_cache in core/includes/
Aggregates and optimizes CSS files into a cache file in the files directory.
backdrop_build_js_cache in core/includes/
Aggregates JavaScript files into a cache file in the files directory.
backdrop_check_trusted_hosts in core/includes/
Checks if a host matches the trusted host patterns in settings.php.
backdrop_chmod in core/includes/
Sets the permissions on a file or directory.
backdrop_delete_file_if_stale in core/includes/
Deletes files modified more than a set time ago.
backdrop_generate_test_ua in core/includes/
Generates a user agent string with a HMAC and timestamp for simpletest.
backdrop_get_hash_salt in core/includes/
Gets a salt useful for hardening against SQL injection.
backdrop_http_request in core/includes/
Performs an HTTP request.
backdrop_mkdir in core/includes/
Creates a directory using Backdrop's default mode.
backdrop_serve_page_from_cache in core/includes/
Sets HTTP headers in preparation for a cached page response.
backdrop_session_commit in core/includes/
Commits the current session, if necessary.
backdrop_session_initialize in core/includes/
Initializes the session handler, starting a session if needed.
backdrop_session_regenerate in core/includes/
Called when an anonymous user becomes authenticated or vice-versa.
backdrop_strip_dangerous_protocols in core/includes/
Strips dangerous protocols (e.g. 'javascript:') from a URI.
backdrop_valid_test_ua in core/includes/
Returns the test prefix if this is an internal request from SimpleTest.
BootstrapOverrideServerVariablesTestCase::testBackdropSettingsOverride in core/modules/simpletest/tests/bootstrap.test
Test that settings.php variables can be overridden by the server.
cache in core/includes/
Instantiates and statically caches the correct class for a cache bin.
db_ignore_slave in core/includes/database/
Sets a session variable specifying the lag time for ignoring a slave server.
DefaultMailSystem::mail in core/modules/system/
Send an email message, using Backdrop variables and default settings.
fast_404 in core/includes/
Returns a simple 404 Not Found page.
FileDirectoryTest::testFileCheckDirectoryHandling in core/modules/simpletest/tests/file.test
Test directory handling functions.
FileUnmanagedCopyTest::testNormal in core/modules/simpletest/tests/file.test
Copy a normal file.
FileUnmanagedCopyTest::testOverwriteSelf in core/modules/simpletest/tests/file.test
Copy a file onto itself.
FileUnmanagedMoveTest::testNormal in core/modules/simpletest/tests/file.test
Move a normal file.
FileUnmanagedSaveDataTest::testFileSaveData in core/modules/simpletest/tests/file.test
Test the file_unmanaged_save_data() function.
file_munge_filename in core/includes/
Modifies a filename as needed for security purposes.
file_save_upload in core/includes/
Saves a file upload to a new location.
file_validate in core/includes/
Checks that a file meets the criteria specified by the validators.
form_builder in core/includes/
Builds and processes all elements in the structured form array.
form_set_cache in core/includes/
Stores a form in the cache.
InstallerLanguageTestCase::setUp in core/modules/simpletest/tests/installer.test
Sets up a Backdrop site for running functional and integration tests.
installer_install_access in core/modules/installer/installer.module
Access callback: Resolves if the current user can install via the installer.
installer_update_access in core/modules/installer/installer.module
Access callback: Resolves if the current user can access updater menu items.
install_begin_request in core/includes/
Begins an installation request, modifying the installation state as needed.
install_find_translation_files in core/includes/
Find installer translations either for a specific langcode or all languages.
install_select_language in core/includes/
Installation task; select which language to use.
ip_address in core/includes/
Returns the IP address of the client machine.
LinkValidateUnitTest::testValidateExternalLinks in core/modules/link/tests/link.validate.test
link_validate_url in core/modules/link/link.module
Validates a URL.
locale in core/modules/locale/locale.module
Provides interface translation services.
LocaleImportFunctionalTest::setUp in core/modules/locale/tests/locale.test
Sets up a Backdrop site for running functional and integration tests.
LocaleTranslationFunctionalTest::testJavaScriptTranslation in core/modules/locale/tests/locale.test
LocaleUninstallFunctionalTest::testUninstallProcess in core/modules/locale/tests/locale.test
Check if the values of the Locale variables are correct after uninstall.
locale_js_alter in core/modules/locale/locale.module
Implements hook_js_alter().
locale_language_url_rewrite_url in core/includes/
Rewrite URLs for the URL language provider.
locale_translate_batch_import_files in core/modules/locale/
Prepare a batch to import all translations.
locale_uninstall in core/modules/locale/locale.install
Implements hook_uninstall().
menu_get_custom_theme in core/includes/
Gets the custom theme for the current page, if there is one.
PasswordHashingTest::setUp in core/modules/simpletest/tests/password.test
Sets up a Backdrop site for running functional and integration tests.
redirect_url in core/modules/redirect/redirect.module
Build the URL of a redirect for display purposes only.
system_settings_form in core/modules/system/system.module
Sets up a form to save information automatically.
system_settings_form_submit in core/modules/system/system.module
Form submission handler for system_settings_form().
t in core/includes/
Translates a string to the current language or to a given language.
telemetry_cron in core/modules/telemetry/telemetry.module
Implements hook_cron().
UpdateScriptFunctionalTest::testUpdateAccess in core/modules/system/tests/system.test
Tests access to the update script.
update_access_allowed in core/update.php
Determines if the current user is allowed to run update.php.
update_manager_access in core/modules/update/update.module
Access callback: Resolves if the current user can access updater menu items.
update_results_page in core/update.php
Displays results of the update script with any accompanying errors.
update_task_list in core/update.php
Adds the update task list to the current page.
url in core/includes/
Generates an internal or external URL.
UserCancelTestCase::testUserCancelUid1 in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
Tests that user account for uid 1 cannot be cancelled.
UserLoginTestCase::testPasswordRehashOnLogin in core/modules/user/tests/user.test
Test that user password is re-hashed upon login after changing $count_log2.
UserStorageController::preSave in core/modules/user/
Overrides EntityDatabaseStorageController::preSave().
user_authenticate in core/modules/user/user.module
Try to validate the user's login credentials locally.
user_hash_password in core/includes/
Hash a password using a secure hash.
user_needs_new_hash in core/includes/
Check whether a user's hashed password needs to be replaced with a new hash.
user_validate_current_pass in core/modules/user/user.module
Form validation handler for the current password on the user_account_form().
_backdrop_bootstrap_full in core/includes/
_backdrop_bootstrap_page_cache in core/includes/
Attempts to serve a page from the cache.
_backdrop_bootstrap_sanitize_request in core/includes/
Sanitizes unsafe input from the PHP request super-globals.
_backdrop_http_use_proxy in core/includes/
Helper function for determining hosts excluded from needing a proxy.
_backdrop_maintenance_theme in core/includes/
Sets up the theme system for the maintenance page.
_backdrop_session_destroy in core/includes/
Session handler assigned by session_set_save_handler().
_backdrop_session_write in core/includes/
Writes an entire session to the database (internal use only).
_filter_url in core/modules/filter/filter.module
Implements callback_filter_process().
_locale_rebuild_js in core/includes/
(Re-)Creates the JavaScript translation file for a language.