Tests for system.module.




Namesort descending Description
AccessDeniedTestCase Tests custom access denied functionality.
BackdropRequestSanitizerUnitTestCase Tests request sanitation used in early bootstrap.
BackdropSetMessageTest Tests backdrop_set_message() and related functions.
ConfirmFormTest Tests confirm form destinations.
CronQueueTestCase Test execution of the cron queue.
DateTimeFunctionalTest Tests generic date and time handling capabilities of Backdrop.
EnableDisableTestCase Test module enabling/disabling functionality.
FilterResetTestCase Test module filter.
FloodFunctionalTest Functional tests for the flood control mechanism.
FrontPageTestCase Test home page functionality and administration.
HookRequirementsTestCase Tests failure of hook_requirements('install').
InfoFileCoreTest Ensures that all info files have expected contents.
MenuBlockTestCase Test menu block settings.
ModuleDependencyTestCase Test module dependency functionality.
ModuleTestCase Helper class for module test cases.
ModuleVersionTestCase Test module dependency on specific versions.
QueueTestCase Test the basic queue functionality.
RetrieveFileTestCase Test HTTP file downloading capability.
ShutdownFunctionsTest Functional tests shutdown functions.
SiteMaintenanceTestCase Tests site maintenance functionality.
SystemAdminTestCase Tests administrative overview pages.
SystemAuthorizeCase Tests authorize.php and related hooks.
SystemIndexPhpTest Test the handling of requests containing 'index.php'.
SystemInfoAlterTestCase Tests the effectiveness of hook_system_info_alter().
SystemMainContentFallback Test main content rendering fallback provided by system module.
SystemThemeFunctionalTest Tests for the theme interface functionality.
SystemValidTokenTest Test case for backdrop_valid_token().
UpdateScriptFunctionalTest Tests for the update system functionality.
UuidUnitTestCase Tests uuid.inc and related functions.