1 install.inc backdrop_get_installed_schema_version($module, $reset = FALSE, $array = FALSE)

Returns the currently installed schema version for a module.


$module: A module name.

$reset: Set to TRUE after modifying the system table.

$array: Set to TRUE if you want to get information about all modules in the system.

Return value

The currently installed schema version, or SCHEMA_UNINSTALLED if the: module is not installed.


core/includes/install.inc, line 160
API functions for installing modules and themes.


function backdrop_get_installed_schema_version($module, $reset = FALSE, $array = FALSE) {
  static $versions = array();

  if ($reset) {
    $versions = array();

  if (!$versions) {
    $versions = array();
    $result = db_query("SELECT name, schema_version FROM {system} WHERE type = :type", array(':type' => 'module'));
    foreach ($result as $row) {
      $versions[$row->name] = $row->schema_version;

  if ($array) {
    return $versions;
  else {
    return isset($versions[$module]) ? $versions[$module] : SCHEMA_UNINSTALLED;