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API functions for installing modules and themes.




Namesort descending Description
backdrop_check_module Checks a module's requirements.
backdrop_check_profile Checks an installation profile's requirements.
backdrop_current_script_url Returns the URL of the current script, with modified query parameters.
backdrop_detect_baseurl Detects the base URL using the PHP $_SERVER variables.
backdrop_get_installed_schema_version Returns the currently installed schema version for a module.
backdrop_get_schema_versions Returns an array of available schema versions for a module.
backdrop_install_config_directories Creates the config directory and ensures it is operational.
backdrop_install_mkdir Creates a directory with the specified permissions.
backdrop_install_profile_distribution_name Loads the installation profile, extracting its defined distribution name.
backdrop_install_system Installs the system module.
backdrop_load_database_driver Returns all supported database installer objects that are compiled into PHP.
backdrop_load_updates Loads .install files for installed modules to initialize the update system.
backdrop_requirements_severity Extracts the highest severity from the requirements array.
backdrop_requirements_url Returns a URL for proceeding to the next page after a requirements problem.
backdrop_rewrite_settings Replaces values in settings.php with values in the submitted array.
backdrop_set_installed_schema_version Update the installed version information for a module.
backdrop_uninstall_modules Uninstalls a given list of disabled modules.
backdrop_verify_install_file Verifies the state of the specified file.
backdrop_verify_profile Verifies an installation profile for installation.
db_installer_object Returns a database installer object.
db_run_tasks Ensures the environment for a Backdrop database on a predefined connection.
install_goto Sends the user to a different installer page.
install_profile_info Retrieves information about an installation profile from its .info file.
st Translates a string when some systems are not available.
system_get_requirements Get run-time requirements and status information.
_install_find_profile_file Searches for a profile directory and returns the profile path location.


Namesort descending Description
FILE_EXECUTABLE File permission check -- File is executable.
FILE_EXIST File permission check -- File exists.
FILE_NOT_EXECUTABLE File permission check -- File is not executable.
FILE_NOT_EXIST File permission check -- File does not exist.
FILE_NOT_READABLE File permission check -- File is not readable.
FILE_NOT_WRITABLE File permission check -- File is not writable.
FILE_READABLE File permission check -- File is readable.
FILE_WRITABLE File permission check -- File is writable.
REQUIREMENT_ERROR Requirement severity -- Error condition; abort installation.
REQUIREMENT_INFO Requirement severity -- Informational message only.
REQUIREMENT_OK Requirement severity -- Requirement successfully met.
REQUIREMENT_WARNING Requirement severity -- Warning condition; proceed but flag warning.
SCHEMA_INSTALLED Indicates that a module has been installed.
SCHEMA_UNINSTALLED Indicates that a module has not been installed yet.


Namesort descending Description
DatabaseTaskException Exception thrown if the database installer fails.
DatabaseTasks Database installer structure.