1 module.inc backdrop_merged_modules()

Returns an array of modules that have been merged into Backdrop core.

Modules that have been merged into core may not be enabled on newer installations of Backdrop. Note that some modules have been merged into core but kept the same name as they did previously. For example "redirect" module existed both as a contrib module and then later as a core module. Because the core module shares the same name, it's not included in this list. Including it would prevent the core module from being enabled.


core/includes/module.inc, line 1002
API for loading and interacting with Backdrop modules.


function backdrop_merged_modules() {
  return array(
    'token', // Backdrop 1.1.0.
    'pathauto', // Backdrop 1.1.0.
    'transliteration', // Backdrop 1.3.0.
    'project_browser', // Backdrop 1.4.0.
    'entity_view_mode', // Backdrop 1.6.0.
    'options_element', // Backdrop 1.12.0.
    'field_formatter_settings', // Backdrop 1.13.0.
    'imagecache_token', // Backdrop 1.17.0.