Configuration system that lets administrators modify the workings of the site.




Namesort descending Description
confirm_form Generates a form array for a confirmation form.
path_autocomplete Menu callback; Autocomplete callback for paths.
system_403 Menu callback; Returns the standard "Page not found" error page.
system_404 Menu callback; Returns the standard "Page not found" error page.
system_add_module_assets Adds CSS and JavaScript files declared in module .info files.
system_admin_bar_cache_info Implements hook_admin_bar_cache_info().
system_admin_menu_block Provide a single block on the administration overview page.
system_admin_paths Implements hook_admin_paths().
system_archiver_info Implements hook_archiver_info().
system_authorized_batch_process Use authorize.php to run batch_process().
system_authorized_batch_processing_url Returns the URL for the authorize.php script when it is processing a batch.
system_authorized_get_url Return the URL for the authorize.php script.
system_authorized_init Setup a given callback to run via authorize.php with elevated privileges.
system_authorized_run Setup and invoke an operation using authorize.php.
system_autoload_info Implements hook_autoload_info().
system_block_configure Implements hook_block_configure().
system_block_info Implements hook_block_info().
system_block_save Implements hook_block_save().
system_block_view Implements hook_block_view().
system_breadcrumb_block Output the content for the breadcrumb block.
system_check_directory Checks the existence of the directory specified in $form_element.
system_check_http_request Deprecated Checks whether the server is capable of issuing HTTP requests.
system_config_info Implements hook_config_info().
system_cron Implements hook_cron().
system_custom_theme Implements hook_custom_theme().
system_date_format_delete Deletes a date format from the database.
system_date_format_load Menu loader function for a date format.
system_date_format_save Saves a date format to the database.
system_element_info Implements hook_element_info().
system_filetransfer_info Implements hook_filetransfer_info().
system_file_download Implements hook_file_download().
system_file_presave Implements hook_file_presave().
system_flush_caches Implements hook_flush_caches().
system_form_user_profile_form_alter Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter().
system_form_user_register_form_alter Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter().
system_get_date_formats Gets the list of defined date formats and attributes.
system_get_files_database Retrieves the current status of an array of files in the system table.
system_get_info Returns an array of information about enabled modules or themes.
system_get_module_admin_tasks Generate a list of tasks offered by a specified module.
system_header_block Output the content for the header block.
system_header_block_form Settings form for the header block.
system_hook_info Implements hook_hook_info().
system_image_toolkits Implements hook_image_toolkits().
system_init Implements hook_init().
system_jump_menu Generate a jump menu form.
system_jump_menu_submit Submit handler for the jump menu.
system_library_info Implements hook_library_info().
system_library_info_alter Implements hook_library_info_alter().
system_mail Implements hook_mail().
system_menu Implements hook_menu().
system_page_delivery_callback_alter Implements hook_page_delivery_callback_alter().
system_permission Implements hook_permission().
system_preprocess_block Implements hook_preprocess_block().
system_rebuild_module_data Rebuild, save, and return data about all currently available modules.
system_rebuild_theme_data Rebuild, save, and return data about all currently available themes.
system_redirect_deprecated_page Menu callback; Redirects a deprecated menu location to a new path.
system_retrieve_file Attempts to get a file using backdrop_http_request and to store it locally.
system_run_automated_cron Run the automated cron if enabled.
system_settings_form Sets up a form to save information automatically.
system_settings_form_submit Form submission handler for system_settings_form().
system_stream_wrappers Implements hook_stream_wrappers().
system_system_info_alter Deprecated Implements hook_system_info_alter().
system_theme Implements hook_theme().
system_themes_disabled Implements hook_themes_disabled().
system_theme_debug_enabled_warning Check if theme_debug is enabled, and throw a warning if so.
system_timezone Menu callback; Retrieve a JSON object containing a suggested time zone name.
system_time_zones Generate an array of time zones and their local time&date.
system_updater_info Implements hook_updater_info().
system_update_files_database Updates the records in the system table based on the files array.
system_user_login Implements hook_user_login().
system_user_presave Implements hook_user_presave().
system_user_timezone Add the time zone field to the user edit and register forms.
system_views_api Implements hook_views_api().
_system_batch_theme Theme callback for the default batch page.
_system_info_add_path Prefixes all values in an .info file array with a given path.
_system_rebuild_module_data Helper function to scan and collect module .info data.
_system_rebuild_theme_data Helper function to scan and collect theme .info data and their engines.
_system_sort_form_values_by_config Sorts the $form_state['values'] array into CMI buckets by $form['#config'].
_system_sort_requirements Helper function to sort requirements.
_system_themes_access Menu item access callback - only admin or enabled themes can be accessed.
_system_update_bootstrap_status Refresh bootstrap column in the system table.


Namesort descending Description
BACKDROP_DISABLED Disabled option on forms and settings
BACKDROP_MAXIMUM_TEMP_FILE_AGE Maximum age of temporary files in seconds.
BACKDROP_OPTIONAL Optional option on forms and settings
BACKDROP_REQUIRED Required option on forms and settings
BACKDROP_USER_TIMEZONE_DEFAULT New users will be set to the default time zone at registration.
BACKDROP_USER_TIMEZONE_EMPTY New users will get an empty time zone at registration.
BACKDROP_USER_TIMEZONE_SELECT New users will select their own timezone at registration.
BACKDROP_WEIGHT_SELECT_MAX Maximum number of values in a weight select element.
EMAIL_MAX_LENGTH Maximum length of email fields.
TOKEN_MAX_DEPTH The maximum depth for token tree recursion.