1 query.inc public InsertQuery::values(array $values)

Adds another set of values to the query to be inserted.

If $values is a numeric-keyed array, it will be assumed to be in the same order as the original fields() call. If it is associative, it may be in any order as long as the keys of the array match the names of the fields.


$values: An array of values to add to the query.

Return value

InsertQuery: The called object.


core/includes/database/query.inc, line 556
Non-specific Database query code. Used by all engines.


General class for an abstracted INSERT query.


public function values(array $values) {
  if (is_numeric(key($values))) {
    $this->insertValues[] = $values;
  else {
    // Reorder the submitted values to match the fields array.
    $insert_values = array();
    foreach ($this->insertFields as $key) {
      $insert_values[$key] = $values[$key];
    // For consistency, the values array is always numerically indexed.
    $this->insertValues[] = array_values($insert_values);
  return $this;