Template for outputting title component blocks.

Combo title block displays the page title, local task tabs, local actions links, and messages.

To override the display of page components, copy this file and place it inside your theme. To override individual individual components, create one of the following templates in your theme:

  • page-components.tpl.php
  • page-components--action-links.tpl.php
  • page-components--messages.tpl.php
  • page-components--tabs.tpl.php
  • page-components--title.tpl.php
  • page-components--title-combo.tpl.php

Variables available: Variables:

  • $title: The page title, for use in the actual HTML content.
  • $messages: Status and error messages. Should be displayed prominently.
  • $tabs: Tabs linking to any sub-pages beneath the current page (e.g., the view and edit tabs when displaying a node).
  • $action_links: Array of actions local to the page, such as 'Add menu' on the menu administration interface.