1 user.module user_format_name($account)

Format a username.

By default, the passed-in object's 'name' property is used if it exists, or else, the site-defined value for the 'anonymous' variable. However, a module may override this by implementing hook_user_format_name_alter(&$name, $account).


$account: The account object for the user whose name is to be formatted.

Return value

An unsanitized string with the username to display. The code receiving: this result must ensure that check_plain() is called on it before it is printed to the page.

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core/modules/user/user.module, line 1309
Enables the user registration and login system.


function user_format_name($account) {
  $name = !empty($account->name) ? $account->name : config_get('system.core', 'anonymous');
  backdrop_alter('user_format_name', $name, $account);
  return $name;