Tests for the Comment module.




Namesort descending Description
CommentActionsTestCase Tests actions provided by the Comment module.
CommentAnonymous Tests anonymous commenting.
CommentApprovalTest Tests comment approval functionality.
CommentAuthorDeletionTestCase Tests the behavior of comments when the comment author is deleted.
CommentBlockFunctionalTest Tests the Comment module blocks.
CommentContentRebuild Tests comment content rebuilding.
CommentFieldsTest Tests fields on comments.
CommentNodeAccessTest Tests comments with node access.
CommentNodeAutoCloserTestCase Tests that comments behave correctly when the auto closer is enabled.
CommentNodeChangesTestCase Tests that comments behave correctly when the node is changed.
CommentPagerTest Verifies pagination of comments.
CommentPreviewTest Tests previewing comments.
CommentRSSUnitTest Unit tests for Comment module integration with RSS feeds.
CommentThreadingTestCase Tests comment threading.
CommentTokenReplaceTestCase Tests comment token replacement in strings.