1 form.inc form_process_machine_name($element, &$form_state)

Processes a machine-readable name form element.


$element: The form element to process. Properties used:

  • #machine_name: An associative array containing:

    • exists: A function name to invoke for checking whether a submitted machine name value already exists. The submitted value is passed as argument. In most cases, an existing API or menu argument loader function can be re-used. The callback is only invoked, if the submitted value differs from the element's #default_value.
    • source: (optional) The #array_parents of the form element containing the human-readable name (i.e., as contained in the $form structure) to use as source for the machine name. Defaults to array('name').
    • label: (optional) A text to display as label for the machine name value after the human-readable name form element. Defaults to "Machine name".
    • replace_pattern: (optional) A regular expression (without delimiters) matching disallowed characters in the machine name. Defaults to '[^a-z0-9_]+'.
    • replace: (optional) A character to replace disallowed characters in the machine name via JavaScript. Defaults to '_' (underscore). When using a different character, 'replace_pattern' needs to be set accordingly.
    • langcode: (optional) The two-character language code for the input language, with which transliteration will be used.
    • error: (optional) A custom form error message string to show, if the machine name contains disallowed characters.
    • standalone: (optional) Whether the live preview should stay in its own form element rather than in the suffix of the source element. Defaults to FALSE.
  • #maxlength: (optional) Should be set to the maximum allowed length of the machine name. Defaults to 64.
  • #disabled: (optional) Should be set to TRUE in case an existing machine name must not be changed after initial creation.

Return value

array: The expanded $element populated with defaults.

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core/includes/form.inc, line 3968
Functions for form and batch generation and processing.


function form_process_machine_name($element, &$form_state) {
  // Apply default form element properties.
  $element += array(
    '#title' => t('Machine-readable name'),
    '#description' => t('A unique machine-readable name. Can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores.'),
    '#machine_name' => array(),
    '#field_prefix' => '',
    '#field_suffix' => '',
    '#suffix' => '',
  // A form element that only wants to set one #machine_name property (usually
  // 'source' only) would leave all other properties undefined, if the defaults
  // were defined in hook_element_info(). Therefore, we apply the defaults here.
  $element['#machine_name'] += array(
    'source' => array('name'),
    'label' => t('Machine name'),
    'replace_pattern' => '[^a-z0-9_]+',
    'replace' => '_',
    'langcode' => $GLOBALS['language']->langcode,
    'standalone' => FALSE,
    'field_prefix' => $element['#field_prefix'],
    'field_suffix' => $element['#field_suffix'],

  // By default, machine names are restricted to Latin alphanumeric characters.
  // So, default to LTR directionality.
  if (!isset($element['#attributes'])) {
    $element['#attributes'] = array();
  $element['#attributes'] += array('dir' => 'ltr');

  // The source element defaults to array('name'), but may have been overridden.
  if (empty($element['#machine_name']['source'])) {
    return $element;

  // Retrieve the form element containing the human-readable name from the
  // complete form in $form_state. By reference, because we may need to append
  // a #field_suffix that will hold the live preview.
  $key_exists = NULL;
  $source = backdrop_array_get_nested_value($form_state['complete_form'], $element['#machine_name']['source'], $key_exists);
  if (!$key_exists) {
    return $element;

  $suffix_id = $source['#id'] . '-machine-name-suffix';
  $element['#machine_name']['suffix'] = '#' . $suffix_id;

  if ($element['#machine_name']['standalone']) {
    $element['#suffix'] .= ' <small id="' . $suffix_id . '">&nbsp;</small>';
  else {
    // Append a field suffix to the source form element, which will contain
    // the live preview of the machine name.
    $source += array('#field_suffix' => '');
    $source['#field_suffix'] .= ' <small id="' . $suffix_id . '">&nbsp;</small>';

    $parents = array_merge($element['#machine_name']['source'], array('#field_suffix'));
    backdrop_array_set_nested_value($form_state['complete_form'], $parents, $source['#field_suffix']);

  $js_settings = $element['#machine_name'];
  $js_settings['source'] = '#' . $source['#id'];
  $js_settings['replace_token'] = backdrop_get_token($element['#machine_name']['replace_pattern']);
  $element['#attributes']['data-machine-name'] = json_encode($js_settings);
  $element['#attached']['js'][] = 'core/misc/machine-name.js';

  return $element;