1 unicode.inc backdrop_strtolower($text)

Lowercase a UTF-8 string.


string $text: The string to run the operation on.

Return value

string: The string in lowercase.

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core/includes/unicode.inc, line 539
Provides Unicode-related conversions and operations.


function backdrop_strtolower($text) {
  // Bail early if $text is NULL.
  // @todo Remove this in 2.x.
  if (is_null($text)) {
    return "";

  global $multibyte;
  if ($multibyte == UNICODE_MULTIBYTE) {
    return mb_strtolower($text);
  else {
    // Use C-locale for ASCII-only lowercase
    $text = strtolower($text);
    // Case flip Latin-1 accented letters
    $text = preg_replace_callback('/\xC3[\x80-\x96\x98-\x9E]/', '_unicode_caseflip', $text);
    return $text;