Provides Unicode-related conversions and operations.




Namesort descending Description
backdrop_convert_to_utf8 Converts data to UTF-8.
backdrop_strlen Counts the number of characters in a UTF-8 string.
backdrop_strtolower Lowercase a UTF-8 string.
backdrop_strtoupper Uppercase a UTF-8 string.
backdrop_substr Cuts off a piece of a string based on character indices and counts.
backdrop_truncate_bytes Truncates a UTF-8-encoded string safely to a number of bytes.
backdrop_ucfirst Capitalizes the first letter of a UTF-8 string.
backdrop_xml_parser_create Prepares a new XML parser.
decode_entities Decodes all HTML entities (including numerical ones) to regular UTF-8 bytes.
mime_header_decode Decodes MIME/HTTP encoded header values.
mime_header_encode Encodes MIME/HTTP header values that contain incorrectly encoded characters.
truncate_utf8 Truncates a UTF-8-encoded string safely to a number of characters.
unicode_check Wrapper around _unicode_check().
unicode_requirements Returns Unicode library status and errors.
_mime_header_decode Decodes encoded header data passed from mime_header_decode().
_unicode_caseflip Flips U+C0-U+DE to U+E0-U+FD and back.
_unicode_check Perform checks about Unicode support in PHP, and set the right settings if needed.


Namesort descending Description
UNICODE_ERROR Indicates an error during check for PHP unicode support.
UNICODE_MULTIBYTE Indicates that full unicode support with the PHP mbstring extension is being used.
UNICODE_SINGLEBYTE Indicates that standard PHP (emulated) unicode support is being used.