1 unicode.inc backdrop_convert_to_utf8($data, $encoding)

Converts data to UTF-8.

Requires the iconv, GNU recode or mbstring PHP extension.


$data: The data to be converted.

$encoding: The encoding that the data is in.

Return value

Converted data or FALSE.:


core/includes/unicode.inc, line 233
Provides Unicode-related conversions and operations.


function backdrop_convert_to_utf8($data, $encoding) {
  if (function_exists('iconv')) {
    $out = @iconv($encoding, 'utf-8', $data);
  elseif (function_exists('mb_convert_encoding')) {
    $out = @mb_convert_encoding($data, 'utf-8', $encoding);
  elseif (function_exists('recode_string')) {
    $out = @recode_string($encoding . '..utf-8', $data);
  else {
    watchdog('php', 'Unsupported encoding %s. Please install iconv, GNU recode or mbstring for PHP.', array('%s' => $encoding), WATCHDOG_ERROR);
    return FALSE;

  return $out;