1 layout.api.php hook_block_save($delta, &$edit = array())

Save the configuration options from hook_block_configure().

This hook allows you to save the block-specific configuration settings defined within your hook_block_configure(). Most settings will automatically be saved if using the Layout module to position blocks, but if your settings should be site-wide or saved in the database instead of the Layout configuration, you may use this hook to save your settings. If you wish Layout module to *not* save your settings, unset the value from the $edit array.


$delta: Which block is being configured. This is a unique identifier for the block within the module, defined in hook_block_info().

$edit: The submitted form data from the configuration form. This is passed by reference, so values can be changed or removed before they are saved into the layout configuration.

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core/modules/layout/layout.api.php, line 590
Describe hooks provided by the Layout module.


function hook_block_save($delta, &$edit = array()) {
  if ($delta == 'my_block_delta') {
    config_set('my_module.settings', 'my_global_value', $edit['my_global_value']);
    // Remove the value so it is not saved by Layout module.