Describe hooks provided by the Layout module.




Namesort descending Description
hook_block_configure Define a configuration form for a block.
hook_block_info Defines to Backdrop what blocks are provided by your module.
hook_block_info_alter Modify block definitions after loading form code.
hook_block_save Save the configuration options from hook_block_configure().
hook_block_view Return a rendered or renderable view of a block.
hook_block_view_alter Perform alterations to the content of a block.
hook_block_view_MODULE_DELTA_alter Perform alterations to a specific block.
hook_layout_context_info Provides a list of all "contexts" available to Layout module.
hook_layout_delete Respond to a layout being deleted.
hook_layout_disable Respond to a layout being disabled.
hook_layout_enable Respond to a layout being enabled.
hook_layout_info Provides a list of layouts that can be used within the Layout module.
hook_layout_insert Respond to initial creation of a layout.
hook_layout_load_by_router_item_alter Perform alterations to the list of layouts that match the path of a router item.
hook_layout_presave Act on a layout being inserted or updated.
hook_layout_renderer_info Returns information about Layout renderers.
hook_layout_revert Respond to a layout being reverted.
hook_layout_style_info Provides information on rendering styles that can be used by layouts.
hook_layout_update Respond to updates to a layout.