@file Class for loading, modifying, and executing a layout.


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core/modules/layout/includes/layout.class.inc, line 6
Class for loading, modifying, and executing a layout.


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
Layout::$contexts private property An array of LayoutContext instances used by this menu item.
Layout::$path private property The internal path of a layout.
Layout::addBlock function Add a block to a particular region.
Layout::checkAccess function Check access to this layout based on the current contexts.
Layout::clearContexts function Clear a stored context.
Layout::delete function Delete this layout.
Layout::disable function Disable a layout.
Layout::enable function Enable a layout.
Layout::form function Return a form for configuring this layout's settings.
Layout::formSubmit function Save the settings added in the form method.
Layout::formValidate function Validate the settings form.
Layout::getBlockPosition function Get a block's region position from a layout.
Layout::getClone function Clone a layout and return new Layout object.
Layout::getContextFromRelationship private function
Layout::getContexts function Return all contexts (from both the layout and menu item) for this Layout.
Layout::getContextsByType private function Return an array of contexts filtered by types specified.
Layout::getContextsFromRelationships private function Load the contexts based on this Layout's relationship configuration.
Layout::getPath function Return a layout's path based on its assigned menu item.
Layout::hasContexts function Check if the layout has a context of a particular name.
Layout::invokeHook protected function Invokes a hook on behalf of the layout.
Layout::isDefault function Check if this layout is a fallback default layout.
Layout::removeBlock function Remove a block from a layout.
Layout::resetContexts function Reset the internally stored contexts.
Layout::revert function Revert a layout to a module-provided default.
Layout::save function Save a layout to config.
Layout::setBlockPosition function Move an existing block from its current region to a new one.
Layout::setContexts function Set the internally stored contexts.
Layout::setLayoutTemplate function Set the layout template, accommodating moving blocks if necessary.
Layout::setPath function Set a layout path.
Layout::__construct function Constructor for a Layout class.