@file Class for storing information about menu item entries.

Menu item entries may be shared between multiple layouts. Several different layouts may exist at the same path with different selection criteria, i.e. a menu local task (tab) at node/%/example.


Expanded class hierarchy of LayoutMenuItem


core/modules/layout/includes/layout_menu_item.class.inc, line 10
Class for storing information about menu item entries.


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
LayoutMenuItem::$contexts private property An array of LayoutContext instances used by this menu item.
LayoutMenuItem::checkAccess function Check access to this menu item based on the current contexts.
LayoutMenuItem::delete function Delete a menu item configuration.
LayoutMenuItem::getContexts function Get all contexts required or configured for this menu path.
LayoutMenuItem::hasContexts function Check if the menu item has a context of a particular name.
LayoutMenuItem::reassign function Rename this menu item to match the most appropriate layout at the same path.
LayoutMenuItem::resetContexts function Reset the internally stored contexts.
LayoutMenuItem::revert function Revert a menu item back to its module-provided default.
LayoutMenuItem::save function Save a menu item configuration.
LayoutMenuItem::__construct function Constructor for LayoutMenuItems.