1 layout.module layout_provides_path($path)

Check if a path is provided by Layout module, as in a custom layout path.

Return value

Boolean TRUE if Layout module provides a path, FALSE if another module: specified the path, or NULL if a path does not exist in the system.


core/modules/layout/layout.module, line 1389
The Layout module creates pages and wraps existing pages in layouts.


function layout_provides_path($path) {
  if (empty($path)) {
    return FALSE;

  $result = db_query('SELECT * FROM {menu_router} WHERE path = :path', array(':path' => $path));
  $return = NULL;

  // If any page callback exists at this path, allow it to trump custom layouts.
  foreach ($result as $router) {
    if ($router->page_callback == 'layout_page_callback') {
      $return = TRUE;
    else {
      $return = FALSE;

  return $return;