1 layout.api.php hook_layout_context_info()

Provides a list of all "contexts" available to Layout module.

A context is a named type of data, such as a "node" or "user". When creating a new context through this hook, you are providing a mapping between certain paths and a type of data. For example this hook may identify "node/%" as a known path that maps to node data. Any path that starts with "node/%" will automatically be assigned the node context, because its path is known. Besides defining paths that map to a certain kind of data, this hook must also specify how that content may be loaded.

Each type of context requires a class that provides information about the context. See the LayoutContext base class for additional documentation.

Return value

array: Each item in the returned array of info should have the following keys:

  • title: The human-readable name of the context.
  • class: The name of a class to handle this context. This class should extend the LayoutContext class. The class should be registered in hook_autoload_info().
  • menu paths: Optional. An array of paths at which this context should be available. If left empty, this context can only be assigned through the UI by the user.
  • path placeholder: Optional. A string identifying the part of the URL from the menu paths array that contains this context's argument. This is only necessary if menu paths are also provided.
  • load callback: The name of a function that will load the argument from the URL and return the loaded data. The loaded data must be an object, not a string, array, or other variable type.
  • hidden: Optional. Boolean if this context should be shown in the UI.

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core/modules/layout/layout.api.php, line 98
Describe hooks provided by the Layout module.


function hook_layout_context_info() {
  $info['node'] = array(
    'title' => t('Node'),
    // Define the class which is used to handle this context.
    'class' => 'EntityLayoutContext',
    // Define menu paths where the node ID is a "known" context.
    'menu paths' => array(
    // Given the menu paths defined above, identify the part of the path that
    // is needed to generate this context.
    'path placeholder' => '%node',

    // Given an argument, the callback that will be responsible for loading the
    // main context data.
    'load callback' => 'node_load',
  return $info;