Enables the organization of content into categories.




Namesort descending Description
taxonomy_admin_paths Implements hook_admin_paths().
taxonomy_allowed_values Returns the set of valid terms for a taxonomy field.
taxonomy_autocomplete_validate Form element validate handler for taxonomy term autocomplete element.
taxonomy_autoload_info Implements hook_autoload_info().
taxonomy_build_node_index Builds and inserts taxonomy index entries for a given node.
taxonomy_check_vocabulary_hierarchy Checks and updates the hierarchy flag of a vocabulary.
taxonomy_config_create_validate Implements hook_config_create_validate()
taxonomy_config_info Implements hook_taxonomy_config_info().
taxonomy_delete_node_index Deletes taxonomy index entries for a given node.
taxonomy_entity_info Implements hook_entity_info().
taxonomy_field_extra_fields Implements hook_field_extra_fields().
taxonomy_field_formatter_info Implements hook_field_formatter_info().
taxonomy_field_formatter_prepare_view Implements hook_field_formatter_prepare_view().
taxonomy_field_formatter_settings_form Implements hook_field_formatter_settings_form().
taxonomy_field_formatter_settings_summary Implements hook_field_formatter_settings_summary().
taxonomy_field_formatter_view Implements hook_field_formatter_view().
taxonomy_field_info Implements hook_field_info().
taxonomy_field_is_empty Implements hook_field_is_empty().
taxonomy_field_presave Implements hook_field_presave().
taxonomy_field_settings_form Implements hook_field_settings_form().
taxonomy_field_validate Implements hook_field_validate().
taxonomy_field_widget_error Implements hook_field_widget_error().
taxonomy_field_widget_form Implements hook_field_widget_form().
taxonomy_field_widget_form_alter Implements hook_field_widget_form_alter().
taxonomy_field_widget_info Implements hook_field_widget_info().
taxonomy_field_widget_info_alter Implements hook_field_widget_info_alter().
taxonomy_field_widget_settings_form Implements hook_field_widget_settings_form().
taxonomy_get_children Deprecated Legacy wrapper to load the children of a TID.
taxonomy_get_parents Deprecated Legacy wrapper to return the parents of a term by TID.
taxonomy_get_parents_all Deprecated Legacy wrapper to load all the parents of a term by TID.
taxonomy_get_term_by_name Deprecated Legacy wrapper to try to map a string to an existing term.
taxonomy_get_tree Create a hierarchical representation of a vocabulary.
taxonomy_get_vocabularies Load all Taxonomy vocabularies.
taxonomy_implode_tags Implodes a list of tags of a certain vocabulary into a string.
taxonomy_language_delete Implements hook_language_delete().
taxonomy_layout_access_info Implements hook_layout_access_info().
taxonomy_layout_context_info Implements hook_layout_context_info().
taxonomy_menu Implements hook_menu().
taxonomy_menu_local_tasks_alter Implements hook_menu_local_tasks_alter().
taxonomy_node_insert Implements hook_node_insert().
taxonomy_node_predelete Implements hook_node_predelete().
taxonomy_node_update Implements hook_node_update().
taxonomy_options_list Implements hook_options_list().
taxonomy_permission Implements hook_permission().
taxonomy_select_nodes Return nodes attached to a term across all field instances.
taxonomy_taxonomy_term_delete Implements hook_taxonomy_term_delete().
taxonomy_taxonomy_vocabulary_update Implements hook_taxonomy_vocabulary_update().
taxonomy_terms_static_reset Clear all static cache variables for terms.
taxonomy_term_access Access callback: Checks a user's permission for performing a taxonomy term operation.
taxonomy_term_build_content Builds a structured array representing the term's content.
taxonomy_term_delete Deletes a term.
taxonomy_term_delete_multiple Deletes taxonomy terms.
taxonomy_term_is_page Returns whether the current page is the page of the passed-in term.
taxonomy_term_load Return the taxonomy term entity matching a term ID.
taxonomy_term_load_children Finds all children of a term ID.
taxonomy_term_load_multiple Load multiple taxonomy terms based on certain conditions.
taxonomy_term_load_multiple_by_name Try to map a string to an existing term, as for glossary use.
taxonomy_term_load_parents Finds all parents of a given term ID.
taxonomy_term_load_parents_all Find all ancestors of a given term ID.
taxonomy_term_save Saves a new or updated taxonomy term.
taxonomy_term_show Generates an array which displays a term detail page.
taxonomy_term_title Title callback: Returns the title of the taxonomy term.
taxonomy_term_view Generate an array for rendering the given term.
taxonomy_term_view_multiple Constructs a backdrop_render() style array from an array of loaded terms.
taxonomy_theme Implements hook_theme().
taxonomy_views_api Implements hook_views_api().
taxonomy_vocabulary_access Access callback: Checks a user's permission for performing operations on taxonomy terms in a vocabulary.
taxonomy_vocabulary_delete Deletes a vocabulary.
taxonomy_vocabulary_delete_multiple Deletes vocabularies.
taxonomy_vocabulary_get_names Deprecated Get names for all taxonomy vocabularies.
taxonomy_vocabulary_list_permissions Helper function to generate standard permission list for a vocabulary.
taxonomy_vocabulary_load Return the taxonomy vocabulary entity matching a vocabulary ID.
taxonomy_vocabulary_load_multiple Load multiple taxonomy vocabularies based on certain conditions.
taxonomy_vocabulary_machine_name_load Deprecated Legacy wrapper to return the vocabulary object matching a machine name.
taxonomy_vocabulary_overview_access Access callback: Checks if a user has permission to view the vocabulary overview page. This is anyone who can create/update/delete terms in any existing vocabulary.
taxonomy_vocabulary_save Saves a new or updated taxonomy vocabulary.
taxonomy_vocabulary_static_reset Clear all static cache variables for vocabularies.
taxonomy_vocabulary_title Returns the title of a vocabulary.
_taxonomy_get_tid_from_term Helper function for array_map purposes.


Namesort descending Description
TAXONOMY_HIERARCHY_DISABLED Denotes that no term in the vocabulary has a parent.
TAXONOMY_HIERARCHY_MULTIPLE Denotes that one or more terms in the vocabulary have multiple parents.
TAXONOMY_HIERARCHY_SINGLE Denotes that one or more terms in the vocabulary has a single parent.
TAXONOMY_LANGUAGE_DISABLED Denotes that language is disabled on vocabulary.
TAXONOMY_LANGUAGE_ENABLED Denotes that language is enabled on vocabulary and terms can be assigned language.