1 taxonomy.pages.inc taxonomy_term_feed(TaxonomyTerm $term)

Generate the content feed for a taxonomy term.


TaxonomyTerm $term: The taxonomy term entity.


core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.pages.inc, line 80
Page callbacks for the taxonomy module.


function taxonomy_term_feed(TaxonomyTerm $term) {
  $channel['link'] = url('taxonomy/term/' . $term->tid, array('absolute' => TRUE));
  $channel['title'] = config_get_translated('system.core', 'site_name') . ' - ' . $term->name;
  // Only display the description if we have a single term, to avoid clutter and confusion.
  // HTML will be removed from feed description.
  $channel['description'] = check_markup($term->description, $term->format, '', TRUE);
  $nids = taxonomy_select_nodes($term->tid, FALSE, config_get('system.core', 'rss_limit'));

  node_feed($nids, $channel);