1 admin_bar.api.php hook_admin_bar_cache_info()

Inform about additional module-specific caches that can be cleared.

Administration bar uses this hook to gather information about available caches that can be flushed individually. Each returned item forms a separate menu link below the "Flush all caches" link in the icon menu.

Return value

array: An associative array whose keys denote internal identifiers for a particular caches (which can be freely defined, but should be in a module's namespace) and whose values are associative arrays containing:

  • title: The name of the cache, without "cache" suffix. This label is output as link text, but also for the "!title cache cleared." confirmation message after flushing the cache; make sure it works and makes sense to users in both locations.
  • callback: The name of a function to invoke to flush the individual cache.


core/modules/admin_bar/admin_bar.api.php, line 157
API documentation for Administration bar.


function hook_admin_bar_cache_info() {
  $caches['update'] = array(
    'title' => t('Update data'),
    'callback' => '_update_cache_clear',
  return $caches;