Provide structure for the administrative interface to Views.




Namesort descending Description
views_ui_admin_bar_cache_info Implements hook_admin_bar_cache_info().
views_ui_ajax_get_form Menu callback; handles AJAX form submissions similar to ajax_form_callback(), but can be used for uncached forms.
views_ui_autoload_info Implements hook_autoload_info().
views_ui_cache_load Specialized menu callback to load a view and check its locked status.
views_ui_cache_set Specialized cache function to add a flag to our view, include an appropriate include, and cache more easily.
views_ui_config_info Implements hook_config_info().
views_ui_contextual_links_suppress Sets a static variable for controlling whether contextual links are rendered.
views_ui_contextual_links_suppress_pop Decrements the views_ui_contextual_links_suppress() static variable.
views_ui_contextual_links_suppress_push Increments the views_ui_contextual_links_suppress() static variable.
views_ui_contextual_links_view_alter Implements hook_contextual_links_view_alter().
views_ui_custom_theme Implements hook_custom_theme()
views_ui_default_load Specialized menu callback to load a view that is only a default view.
views_ui_edit_page_title Page title callback for the Configure View page.
views_ui_get_wizard Fetch metadata on a specific views ui wizard plugin.
views_ui_get_wizards Fetch metadata for all content_type plugins.
views_ui_menu Implements hook_menu().
views_ui_menu_action_access Menu access callback to check access to various views operations.
views_ui_preprocess_views_view Theme preprocess for views-view.tpl.php.
views_ui_theme Implements hook_theme().
views_ui_truncate Truncate strings to a set length and provide a ... if they truncated.
views_ui_views_plugins_alter Implements hook_views_plugins_alter().
views_ui_views_ui_wizards Implements hook_views_ui_wizards().
views_ui_views_wizard_defaults Helper function to define the default values for a Views wizard plugin.
views_ui_view_preview_section_display_category_links Returns a link to configuring a certain display setting.
views_ui_view_preview_section_handler_links Returns contextual links for each handler of a certain section.
views_ui_view_preview_section_rows_links Returns all contextual links for the main content part of the view.
_views_ui_get_displays Helper function to get a list of displays assigned to a view, and their respective paths if any.
_views_ui_get_displays_list Helper function to get a list of displays included in a view.
_views_ui_get_paths Helper function to get a list of paths assigned to a view.