1 views_ui.module views_ui_contextual_links_suppress_push()

Increments the views_ui_contextual_links_suppress() static variable.

When this function is added to the #pre_render of an element, and 'views_ui_contextual_links_suppress_pop' is added to the #post_render of the same element, then all contextual links within the element and its descendants are suppressed from being rendered. This is used, for example, during a View preview, when it is not desired for nodes in the Views result to have contextual links.

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core/modules/views_ui/views_ui.module, line 860
Provide structure for the administrative interface to Views.


function views_ui_contextual_links_suppress_push() {
  views_ui_contextual_links_suppress(((int) views_ui_contextual_links_suppress()) + 1);