Admin page callbacks for the Views UI module.




Namesort descending Description
views_fetch_base_tables Fetch a list of all base tables available
views_ui_add_admin_css Adds standard Views administration CSS to the current page.
views_ui_add_ajax_trigger Converts a form element in the add view wizard to be AJAX-enabled.
views_ui_add_ajax_wrapper After-build function that adds a wrapper to a form region (for AJAX refreshes).
views_ui_add_form Form builder for the "Add view" page.
views_ui_add_form_cancel_submit Cancel the add view form.
views_ui_add_form_save_submit Process the add view form, 'save'.
views_ui_add_form_store_edit_submit Process the add view form, 'continue'.
views_ui_add_form_to_stack Add another form to the stack; clicking 'apply' will go to this form rather than closing the ajax popup.
views_ui_add_item_form Form to add_item items in the views UI.
views_ui_add_item_form_submit Submit handler for adding new item(s) to a view.
views_ui_add_limited_validation Processes a non-JavaScript fallback submit button to limit its validation errors.
views_ui_add_microweights Recursively adds microweights to a render array, similar to what form_builder() does for forms.
views_ui_add_page Page callback to add a new view.
views_ui_admin_settings_advanced Form builder for the advanced admin settings page.
views_ui_admin_settings_advanced_submit Submit handler for views_ui_admin_settings_advanced().
views_ui_admin_settings_basic Form builder for the admin display defaults page.
views_ui_admin_settings_basic_submit Submit handler for views_ui_admin_settings_basic().
views_ui_ajax_form Generic entry point to handle forms.
views_ui_ajax_update_form Updates a part of the add view form via AJAX.
views_ui_analyze_view_form Form constructor callback to display analysis information on a view
views_ui_analyze_view_form_submit Submit handler for views_ui_analyze_view_form
views_ui_autocomplete_tag Page callback for views tag autocomplete
views_ui_break_lock_confirm Page to delete a view.
views_ui_break_lock_confirm_submit Submit handler to break_lock a view.
views_ui_build_form_path Create the menu path for one of our standard AJAX forms based upon known information about the form.
views_ui_build_form_state Build up a $form_state object suitable for use with backdrop_build_form based on known information about a form.
views_ui_build_form_url Deprecated Backwards compatible wrapper function for views_ui_build_form_path().
views_ui_build_identifier Build a form identifier that we can use to see if one form is the same as another. Since the arguments differ slightly we do a lot of spiffy concatenation here.
views_ui_clone_form Form callback; Clone a view.
views_ui_clone_form_submit Submit handler for views_ui_clone_form().
views_ui_config_item_extra_form Form to config_item items in the views UI.
views_ui_config_item_extra_form_submit Submit handler for configing new item(s) to a view.
views_ui_config_item_extra_form_validate Validation handler for configing new item(s) to a view.
views_ui_config_item_form Form to config_item items in the views UI.
views_ui_config_item_form_add_group Add a new group to the exposed filter groups.
views_ui_config_item_form_build_group Override handler for views_ui_edit_display_form
views_ui_config_item_form_expose Override handler for views_ui_edit_display_form
views_ui_config_item_form_remove Submit handler for removing an item from a view
views_ui_config_item_form_rescan Submit hook to clear Backdrop's theme registry (thereby triggering a templates rescan).
views_ui_config_item_form_submit Submit handler for configing new item(s) to a view.
views_ui_config_item_form_submit_temporary A submit handler that is used for storing temporary items when using multi-step changes, such as ajax requests.
views_ui_config_item_form_validate Submit handler for configing new item(s) to a view.
views_ui_config_item_group_form Form to config_item items in the views UI.
views_ui_config_item_group_form_submit Submit handler for configing group settings on a view.
views_ui_config_style_form Form to config_style items in the views UI.
views_ui_config_style_form_submit Submit handler for configing new item(s) to a view.
views_ui_config_type_form Form to config items in the views UI.
views_ui_config_type_form_submit Submit handler for type configuration form
views_ui_default_button #process callback for a button; makes implicit form submissions trigger as this button.
views_ui_delete_form Form callback; Delete a view.
views_ui_delete_form_submit Submit handler for views_ui_delete_form().
views_ui_edit_details_form Form builder to edit details of a view.
views_ui_edit_details_form_submit Submit handler for views_ui_edit_details_form.
views_ui_edit_display_form Form constructor callback to configure display of a view
views_ui_edit_display_form_change_theme Override handler for views_ui_edit_display_form
views_ui_edit_display_form_override Override handler for views_ui_edit_display_form
views_ui_edit_display_form_submit Submit handler for views_ui_edit_display_form
views_ui_edit_display_form_validate Validate handler for views_ui_edit_display_form
views_ui_edit_form Form builder callback for configuring a View.
views_ui_edit_form_get_bucket Add information about a section to a display.
views_ui_edit_form_get_build_from_option Build a renderable array representing one option on the configure form.
views_ui_edit_form_submit_add_display Submit handler to add a display to a view.
views_ui_edit_form_submit_clone_display_as_type Submit handler to clone a display as another display type.
views_ui_edit_form_submit_delay_destination Submit handler for form buttons that do not complete a form workflow.
views_ui_edit_form_submit_delete_display Submit handler to delete a display from a view.
views_ui_edit_form_submit_disable_display Submit handler to disable display.
views_ui_edit_form_submit_duplicate_display Submit handler to duplicate a display for a view.
views_ui_edit_form_submit_enable_display Submit handler to enable a disabled display.
views_ui_edit_form_submit_preview Submit handler when Preview button is clicked.
views_ui_edit_form_submit_undo_delete_display Submit handler to add a restore a removed display to a view.
views_ui_edit_page Page callback for the Configure View page.
views_ui_edit_page_display Helper function to return the used display_id for the configure page.
views_ui_edit_page_display_tabs Adds tabs for navigating across Displays when configuring a View.
views_ui_edit_view_form_cancel Submit handler for the configure view form.
views_ui_edit_view_form_submit Submit handler for the configure view form.
views_ui_edit_view_form_validate Validate that a view is complete and whole.
views_ui_field_list List all instances of fields on any views.
views_ui_form_button_was_clicked #process callback for a button; determines if a button is the form's triggering element.
views_ui_get_admin_css Create an array of Views admin CSS for adding or attaching.
views_ui_get_display_label Placeholder function for overriding $display->display_title.
views_ui_get_display_tab Returns a renderable array representing the configure page for one display.
views_ui_get_display_tab_details Helper function to get the display details section of the configure UI.
views_ui_get_form_progress Get the user's current progress through the form stack.
views_ui_get_selected Gets the current value of a #select element, from within a form constructor function.
views_ui_list_page Page callback at admin/build/views to list all available views.
views_ui_nojs_submit Non-Javascript fallback for updating the add view form.
views_ui_plugin_list Lists all plugins and what enabled Views use them.
views_ui_preview Returns the results of the live preview.
views_ui_preview_form Provide the preview formulas and the preview output, too.
views_ui_pre_render_add_fieldset_markup Move form elements into fieldsets for presentation purposes.
views_ui_pre_render_flatten_data Flattens the structure of an element containing the #flatten property.
views_ui_pre_render_move_argument_options Moves argument options into their place.
views_ui_process_container_radios Custom form radios process function.
views_ui_rearrange_filter_form Form to rearrange items in the views UI.
views_ui_rearrange_filter_form_submit Submit handler for rearranging form
views_ui_rearrange_form Form to rearrange items in the views UI.
views_ui_rearrange_form_submit Submit handler for rearranging form
views_ui_regenerate_tab Regenerate the current tab for AJAX updates.
views_ui_remove_display_form_restore Submit handler to add a restore a removed display to a view.
views_ui_render_display_top Render the top of the display so it can be updated during ajax operations.
views_ui_reorder_displays_form Form constructor callback to reorder displays on a view
views_ui_reorder_displays_form_submit Submit handler for rearranging display form
views_ui_revert_form Form callback; Delete a view.
views_ui_revert_form_submit Submit handler for views_ui_delete_form().
views_ui_show_default_display Controls whether the default display should have its own tab on configure.
views_ui_standard_cancel Submit handler for cancel button
views_ui_standard_display_dropdown Add a <select> dropdown for a given section, allowing the user to change whether this info is stored on the default display or on the current display.
views_ui_standard_form_buttons Provide a standard set of Apply/Cancel/OK buttons for the forms. Also provide a hidden op operator because the forms plugin doesn't seem to properly provide which button was clicked.
views_ui_standard_override_values Return the was_defaulted, is_defaulted and revert state of a form.
views_ui_standard_submit Basic submit handler applicable to all 'standard' forms.
views_ui_taxonomy_autocomplete_validate Form element validation handler for a taxonomy autocomplete field.
views_ui_toggle_enable_page Menu callback; Enable a view and return to the view listing page.
views_ui_tools_clear_cache Submit hook to clear the views cache.
views_ui_wizard_form_validate Validate the add view form.
_views_ui_get_operations Given a view, return a list of operations that can be performed on it.