1 views_ui.admin.inc views_ui_config_item_form_submit_temporary($form, &$form_state)

A submit handler that is used for storing temporary items when using multi-step changes, such as ajax requests.


core/modules/views_ui/views_ui.admin.inc, line 4140
Admin page callbacks for the Views UI module.


function views_ui_config_item_form_submit_temporary($form, &$form_state) {
  // Run it through the handler's submit function.
  $form_state['handler']->options_submit($form['options'], $form_state);
  $item = $form_state['handler']->options;
  $types = views_object_types();

  // For footer/header $handler_type is area but $type is footer/header.
  // For all other handle types it's the same.
  $handler_type = $type = $form_state['type'];
  if (!empty($types[$type]['type'])) {
    $handler_type = $types[$type]['type'];

  $override = NULL;
  if ($form_state['view']->display_handler->use_group_by() && !empty($item['group_type'])) {
    if (empty($form_state['view']->query)) {
    $aggregate = $form_state['view']->query->get_aggregation_info();
    if (!empty($aggregate[$item['group_type']]['handler'][$type])) {
      $override = $aggregate[$item['group_type']]['handler'][$type];

  // Create a new handler and unpack the options from the form onto it. We
  // can use that for storage.
  $handler = views_get_handler($item['table'], $item['field'], $handler_type, $override);
  $handler->init($form_state['view'], $item);

  // Add the incoming options to existing options because items using
  // the extra form may not have everything in the form here.
  $options = $form_state['values']['options'] + $form_state['handler']->options;

  // This unpacks only options that are in the definition, ensuring random
  // extra stuff on the form is not sent through.
  $handler->unpack_options($handler->options, $options, NULL, FALSE);

  // Store the item back on the view
  $form_state['view']->temporary_options[$type][$form_state['id']] = $handler->options;

  // @todo: Figure out whether views_ui_ajax_form is perhaps the better place to fix the issue.
  // views_ui_ajax_form() drops the current form from the stack, even if it's an #ajax.
  // So add the item back to the top of the stack.
  views_ui_add_form_to_stack($form_state['form_key'], $form_state['view'], $form_state['display_id'], array($type, $item['id']), TRUE);

  $form_state['rerender'] = TRUE;
  $form_state['rebuild'] = TRUE;
  // Write to cache