1 views_ui.admin.inc views_ui_pre_render_add_fieldset_markup($form)

Move form elements into fieldsets for presentation purposes.

Many views forms use #tree = TRUE to keep their values in a hierarchy for easier storage. Moving the form elements into fieldsets during form building would break up that hierarchy. Therefore, we wait until the pre_render stage, where any changes we make affect presentation only and aren't reflected in $form_state['values'].


core/modules/views_ui/views_ui.admin.inc, line 1859
Admin page callbacks for the Views UI module.


function views_ui_pre_render_add_fieldset_markup($form) {
  foreach (element_children($form) as $key) {
    $element = $form[$key];
    // In our form builder functions, we added an arbitrary #fieldset property
    // to any element that belongs in a fieldset. If this form element has that
    // property, move it into its fieldset.
    if (isset($element['#fieldset']) && isset($form[$element['#fieldset']])) {
      $form[$element['#fieldset']][$key] = $element;
      // Remove the original element this duplicates.

  return $form;