1 views_ui.admin.inc views_ui_standard_override_values($form, $form_state)

Return the was_defaulted, is_defaulted and revert state of a form.


core/modules/views_ui/views_ui.admin.inc, line 2574
Admin page callbacks for the Views UI module.


function views_ui_standard_override_values($form, $form_state) {
  // Make sure the dropdown exists in the first place.
  if (isset($form_state['values']['override']['dropdown'])) {
    // #default_value is used to determine whether it was the default value or not.
    // So the available options are: $display, 'default' and 'default_revert', not 'defaults'.
    $was_defaulted = ($form['override']['dropdown']['#default_value'] === 'defaults');
    $is_defaulted = ($form_state['values']['override']['dropdown'] === 'default');
    $revert = ($form_state['values']['override']['dropdown'] === 'default_revert');

    if ($was_defaulted !== $is_defaulted && isset($form['#section'])) {
      // We're changing which display these values apply to.
      // Update the #section so it knows what to mark changed.
      $form['#section'] = str_replace('default-', $form_state['display_id'] . '-', $form['#section']);
  else {
    // The user didn't get the dropdown for overriding the default display.
    $was_defaulted = FALSE;
    $is_defaulted = FALSE;
    $revert = FALSE;

  return array($was_defaulted, $is_defaulted, $revert);