Main view template.

Variables available:

  • $classes: An array of classes determined in template_preprocess_views_view(). Default classes are: .view .view-[css_name] .view-id-[view_name] .view-display-id-[display_name] .view-dom-id-[dom_id]
  • $css_name: A css-safe version of the view name.
  • $css_class: The user-specified classes names, if any
  • $header: The view header
  • $footer: The view footer
  • $rows: The results of the view query, if any
  • $empty: The empty text to display if the view is empty
  • $pager: The pager next/prev links to display, if any
  • $exposed: Exposed widget form/info to display
  • $feed_icon: Feed icon to display, if any
  • $more: A link to view more, if any



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