1 views_ui.module views_ui_views_wizard_defaults()

Helper function to define the default values for a Views wizard plugin.

Return value

An array of defaults for a views wizard.:


core/modules/views_ui/views_ui.module, line 773
Provide structure for the administrative interface to Views.


function views_ui_views_wizard_defaults() {
  return array(
    // The children may, for example, be a different variant for each node type.
    'get children' => NULL,
    'get child' => NULL,
    // title and base table must be populated.  They are empty here just
    // so they are documented.
    'title' => '',
    'base_table' => NULL,
    // This is a callback that takes the wizard as argument and returns
    // an instantiazed Views UI form wizard object.
    'get_instance' => 'views_ui_get_form_wizard_instance',
    'form_wizard_class' => array(
      'file' => 'views_ui_base_views_wizard',
      'class' => 'ViewsUiBaseViewsWizard',