1 system.module system_time_zones($blank = NULL)

Generate an array of time zones and their local time&date.


$blank: If evaluates true, prepend an empty time zone option to the array.


core/modules/system/system.module, line 3832
Configuration system that lets administrators modify the workings of the site.


function system_time_zones($blank = NULL) {
  $zone_list = timezone_identifiers_list();
  $zones = $blank ? array('' => t('- None selected -')) : array();
  foreach ($zone_list as $zone) {
    // Because many time zones exist in PHP only for backward compatibility
    // reasons and should not be used, the list is filtered by a regular
    // expression.
    if (preg_match('!^((Africa|America|Antarctica|Arctic|Asia|Atlantic|Australia|Europe|Indian|Pacific)/|UTC$)!', $zone)) {
      $zones[$zone] = t('@zone: @date', array('@zone' => t(str_replace('_', ' ', $zone)), '@date' => format_date(REQUEST_TIME, 'custom', config_get('system.date', 'formats.long.pattern.php') . ' O', $zone)));
  // Sort the translated time zones alphabetically.
  return $zones;