Admin page callbacks for the System module.




Namesort descending Description
system_admin_config_page Menu callback; Provide the administration overview page.
system_admin_index Menu callback; prints a listing of admin tasks, organized by module.
system_admin_menu_block_page Provide a single block from the administration menu as a page.
system_batch_page Default page callback for batches.
system_clear_cache_submit Submit callback; clear system caches.
system_clear_page_cache_submit Submit callback; clear the page cache.
system_configure_date_formats_form Allow users to add additional date formats.
system_configure_date_formats_form_submit Process date format string submission.
system_cron_settings Form builder; Cron form.
system_date_delete_format_form Menu callback; present a form for deleting a date format.
system_date_delete_format_form_submit Delete a configured date format.
system_date_time_formats Displays the date format strings overview page.
system_date_time_lookup Ajax callback; Returns the date for a given format string.
system_debug_info Menu callback: displays the debug info page.
system_file_system_settings Form builder; Configure the site file handling.
system_get_debug_info Compiles the various information for the debug info page.
system_image_toolkit_settings Form builder; Configure site image toolkit usage.
system_image_toolkit_settings_submit Submit handler for system_image_toolkit_settings().
system_jquery_settings Form builder; Configure jQuery settings.
system_logging_settings Form builder; Configure error reporting settings.
system_logging_settings_validate Validates the submitted logging form.
system_modules Menu callback; provides module enable/disable interface.
system_modules_confirm_form Display confirmation form for required modules.
system_modules_submit Submit callback; handles modules form submission.
system_modules_uninstall Builds a form of currently disabled modules.
system_modules_uninstall_confirm_form Confirm uninstall of selected modules.
system_modules_uninstall_submit Processes the submitted uninstall form.
system_modules_uninstall_validate Validates the submitted uninstall form.
system_performance_settings Form builder; Configure site performance settings.
system_php Menu callback: return information about PHP.
system_regional_settings Form builder; Configure the site regional settings.
system_regional_settings_submit Form submission handler for regional settings.
system_rss_feeds_settings Form builder; Configure how the site handles RSS feeds.
system_run_cron Menu callback: run cron manually.
system_run_cron_submit Submit callback; run cron.
system_site_information_settings Form builder; The general site information form.
system_site_information_settings_submit Form submission handler for system_site_information_settings().
system_site_information_settings_validate Validates the submitted site-information form.
system_site_maintenance_mode Form builder; Configure the site's maintenance status.
system_site_maintenance_mode_submit Submit handler for the system_site_maintenance_mode() form.
system_sort_modules_by_info_name Array sorting callback; sorts modules or themes by their name.
system_sort_themes Array sorting callback; sorts modules or themes by their name.
system_status Menu callback: displays the site status report. Can also be used as a pure check.
system_themes_admin_form Form to select the administration theme.
system_themes_admin_form_submit Process system_themes_admin_form form submissions.
system_themes_page Menu callback; displays a listing of all themes.
system_theme_default Menu callback; Set the default theme.
system_theme_disable_confirm Theme disable confirmation form.
system_theme_disable_confirm_submit Form submission handler for system_theme_disable_confirm_submit().
system_theme_enable Menu callback; Enables a theme.
system_theme_settings Form builder; display configuration for individual themes.
system_theme_settings_submit Process system_theme_settings form submissions.
system_transliterate_ajax Ajax callback; Returns the transliterated version for a given string.
system_transliterate_ajax_access Access callback for system/transliterate/%. Validates transliteration token.
system_transliteration_file_query Builds a query that returns all file names from the database containing non-ASCII characters.
system_transliteration_retroactive Form builder function; generates retroactive transliteration confirm form.
system_transliteration_retroactive_submit Form submit function; retroactively transliterates existing file names.
system_urls_settings Form builder; Configure clean URL settings.
system_utf8mb4_convert_form Form to convert existing database tables to utf8mb4 if supported.
system_utf8mb4_convert_form_submit Form submit function; convert existing database tables to utf8mb4.
_system_format_debug_info Given an array of data, it formats it into a plain-text 2-column output.
_system_is_incompatible Recursively check compatibility.
_system_modules_build_row Build a table row for the system modules page.
_system_site_information_settings_validate_path Helper function for the system_site_information_settings form.
_system_utf8mb4_convert_batch Executes a batch operation for system_utf8mb4_convert_form_submit().
_system_utf8mb4_convert_batch_finished Performs post-processing for node_access_rebuild().