1 system.admin.inc system_admin_menu_block_page()

Provide a single block from the administration menu as a page.

This function is often a destination for these blocks. For example, 'admin/structure/types' needs to have a destination to be valid in the Backdrop menu system, but too much information there might be hidden, so we supply the contents of the block.

Return value

The output HTML.:


core/modules/system/system.admin.inc, line 61
Admin page callbacks for the System module.


function system_admin_menu_block_page() {
  $item = menu_get_item();
  if ($content = system_admin_menu_block($item)) {
    $output = theme('admin_block_content', array('content' => $content));
  else {
    $output = t('You do not have any administrative items.');
  return $output;