1 form.inc batch_process($redirect = NULL, $url = 'batch', $redirect_callback = 'backdrop_goto')

Processes the batch.

Unless the batch has been marked with 'progressive' = FALSE, the function issues a backdrop_goto and thus ends page execution.

This function is generally not needed in form submit handlers; Form API takes care of batches that were set during form submission.


$redirect: (optional) Path to redirect to when the batch has finished processing.

$url: (optional - should only be used for separate scripts like update.php) URL of the batch processing page.

$redirect_callback: (optional) Specify a function to be called to redirect to the progressive processing page. By default backdrop_goto() will be used to redirect to a page which will do the progressive page. Specifying another function will allow the progressive processing to be processed differently.

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core/includes/form.inc, line 5294
Functions for form and batch generation and processing.


function batch_process($redirect = NULL, $url = 'batch', $redirect_callback = 'backdrop_goto') {
  $batch = &batch_get();


  if (isset($batch)) {
    // Add process information
    $process_info = array(
      'current_set' => 0,
      'progressive' => TRUE,
      'url' => $url,
      'url_options' => array(),
      'source_url' => $_GET['q'],
      'redirect' => $redirect,
      'theme' => $GLOBALS['theme_key'],
      'redirect_callback' => $redirect_callback,
    $batch += $process_info;

    // The batch is now completely built. Allow other modules to make changes
    // to the batch so that it is easier to reuse batch processes in other
    // environments.
    backdrop_alter('batch', $batch);

    // Assign an arbitrary id: don't rely on a serial column in the 'batch'
    // table, since non-progressive batches skip database storage completely.
    $batch['id'] = db_next_id();

    // Move operations to a job queue. Non-progressive batches will use a
    // memory-based queue.
    foreach ($batch['sets'] as $key => $batch_set) {
      _batch_populate_queue($batch, $key);

    // Initiate processing.
    if ($batch['progressive']) {
      // Now that we have a batch id, we can generate the redirection link in
      // the generic error message.
      $t = get_t();
      $batch['error_message'] = $t('Please continue to <a href="@error_url">the error page</a>', array('@error_url' => url($url, array('query' => array('id' => $batch['id'], 'op' => 'finished')))));

      // Clear the way for the backdrop_goto() redirection to the batch processing
      // page, by saving and unsetting the 'destination', if there is any.
      if (isset($_GET['destination'])) {
        $batch['destination'] = $_GET['destination'];

      // Store the batch.
          'bid' => $batch['id'],
          'timestamp' => REQUEST_TIME,
          'token' => backdrop_get_token($batch['id']),
          'batch' => serialize($batch),

      // Set the batch number in the session to guarantee that it will stay alive.
      $_SESSION['batches'][$batch['id']] = TRUE;

      // Redirect for processing.
      if ($function = $batch['redirect_callback']) {
        $function($batch['url'], array('query' => array('op' => 'start', 'id' => $batch['id'])));
    else {
      // Non-progressive execution: bypass the whole progressbar workflow
      // and execute the batch in one pass.
      require_once BACKDROP_ROOT . '/core/includes/batch.inc';