1 install.core.inc install_find_translation_files($langcode = NULL)

Find installer translations either for a specific langcode or all languages.


$langcode: (optional) The language code corresponding to the language for which we want to find translation files. If omitted, information on all available files will be returned.

Return value

An associative array of file information objects keyed by file URIs as: returned by file_scan_directory().

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core/includes/install.core.inc, line 1306
API functions for installing Backdrop.


function install_find_translation_files($langcode = NULL) {
  $directory = settings_get('locale_translate_file_directory', conf_path() . '/files/translations');
  // @todo: Remove the "drupal" check in 2.x (assuming we have a localization
  //   server by then).
  $files = file_scan_directory($directory, '!(install|drupal|backdrop(cms)?)(-[\d\.]+)?\.' . (!empty($langcode) ? preg_quote($langcode, '!') : '[^\.]+') . '\.po$!', array('recurse' => FALSE));
  return $files;