1 database.inc public static Database::addConnectionInfo($key, $target, $info)

Adds database connection information for a given key/target.

This method allows the addition of new connection credentials at runtime. Under normal circumstances the preferred way to specify database credentials is via settings.php. However, this method allows them to be added at arbitrary times, such as during unit tests, when connecting to admin-defined third party databases, etc.

If the given key/target pair already exists, this method will be ignored.


$key: The database key.

$target: The database target name.

$info: The database connection information, as it would be defined in settings.php. Note that the structure of this array will depend on the database driver it is connecting to.


core/includes/database/database.inc, line 1681
Core systems for the database layer.


Primary front-controller for the database system.


public static function addConnectionInfo($key, $target, $info) {
  if (empty(self::$databaseInfo[$key][$target])) {
    self::$databaseInfo[$key][$target] = $info;